Driving Through The Memory Hole

Events in the coronapocalypse get scrubbed and in extreme cases memory holed. The mask flip flop is a major one. The declarations that the flu was a more dangerous risk is another. It is a marvel to watch in real time. This week Americans watched as a horrific, BLM related massacre was memory holed in plain sight.

The memory hole is a concept from 1984 where the Party installed chutes for any paper or evidence that contradicted the official narrative to be sent. The Waukesha Sunday Afternoon Massacre was the latest to receive the treatment. A black driver ran over dozens of Christmas parade participants, killing several. The delay in describing a suspect was the first tell. Then online observers noted the quick involvement of the FBI in a state matter. There was a reason for it: to craft the cover up. That link accurately predicted what would happen step by step. It’s dog bites man, just random black crime that happened to kill white folks this time.

The media dutifully pushed a lie that the driver was fleeing a stabbing, as if absolving the driver of culpability. This was while Internet anons pieced the killer’s identity and mindset together the same day. This was also to distract from a crime the media incited with its over the top anti-white rhetoric and messaging after the Rittenhouse verdict. They are the villains, this killer merely a pawn. He was memed into racial terrorism by a 24/7 propaganda machine. The raw video contradicted the idea he was fleeing a crime scene. It made no sense. Other tentacles of the left were hard at work carefully saying crash and accident, with the Washington Post and Wikipedia pushing the same line.

This is not new. Anyone remember the 2015 Las Vegas Car Massacre? No drugs or alcohol involved. Thirty were hit and one died when a black woman drove her car onto the sidewalk and rammed pedestrians. The FBI got involved in that quickly as well and no motive was ever released. This one died faster than the others. Years later, the killer explained it away in a weird fashion. She had no control over her mind or body. It was a blur. This was memory holed fast despite happening in a major city that thrives on tourism with pedestrians famously walking an under-policed Strip. Like Waukesha, black driver, non-black victims. Dog bites man.

This was shortly after an execution style murder of two NYPD members in December of 2014. Like Waukesha, black criminal who expressed outrage over BLM topics. This one even posted “#ShootThePolice”. This was after a multi-month media campaign to turn Mike Brown into an innocent angel executed by a white cop. The New York Times focused on Brown despite the death occurring in a Missouri town. No multi-month coverage of this cop killing in NYC. Poof, gone very quickly. The New York Times stands knee deep in the blood it has caused throughout time what’s two more murders?

Maybe you remember the Muslim terror truck rampage that killed eight in New York City? A Muslim immigrant ran over many in New York in late ‘17. He shouted Allahu Akbar for documentation sake I suppose. No one could deny the motive. This happened and was never heard of again. Dog bites man. It’s part and parcel of a multicultural city. This might be because there was a vehicular homicide you did hear about in summer of ‘17. Charlottesville had a vehicular homicide that resulted in one death. In fact, it inspired Joe Biden’s decision to run for president. It was hate. It was evil. It resulted in a 400 year prison sentence despite looking like vehicular manslaughter (usually a 7 year sentence).

That vehicular incident will be waved around for ages as the media and regime need to talk about white supremacy. A BLM sniper murdering cops in Dallas is largely forgotten, but not Charlottesville. Does video show left wing protestors hitting the car just before it took off in a chaotic situation? Doesn’t matter. It was haaaaaaaaate. That one will never be memory holed. Too useful. Man bites dog.

Waukesha is not dog bites man, and the media silence is beyond normal descriptions of negligence or atrocious. There is a problem with the media memory holing these dog mauls child to death type attacks today. They have destroyed their credibility and there is an alternative media ecosystem with a growing audience in place to keep these stories alive. When they memory hole a story, many will not just grumble but ask why and some will know why. These actions will only wash away more credibility across the entire infrastructure of the system. The job of every American that sees and understands this is to remember.

Like that, it’s gone

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  1. WS says:

    Good on NJP guys for marching around at Waukesha. No problems. Event went on without a hitch and they had a lot of local support. The purpose of alternate media and parties is to exploit the gap left by mainstream media and parties.

    The only way we grow is if they continue to give us that gap.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. NC says:

    PaPaaC and KtM!


    1. Lon Spector says:

      I predicted that the vast majority of sheep would cheerfully and obiedantly board the cattle cars that would transport them to
      the death camps, and everything that has occurred since the last election was stolen bears it out.
      Well, it’s not a total loss. The American Indian will reinherit the land he lost.


      1. Parley Page says:

        Holocaust is fiction, you fucking idiot.


  3. Lon Spector says:

    Choas and famine is sure to come. As the supply chain breaks down, terrorist acts take place, and an “Every-man-for-himself”
    mentality takes hold. Civilization breaks down. Only the SUPER STRONG survive.


  4. Captain Obvious says:

    Relaxing is canceled


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