Winners, Losers and Links


Vaccine Makers – Omicron keeps the hysteria going and boosters boosters boosters. Strange how fast they produced the billion doses in such short time.

AWFLs – Unlikely Roe v. Wade is overturned but any slight rollback in abortion rights will fuel their oppression narrative.

Gunowners – Prices have come back down, but the Michigan school shooting did not spark a massive Parkland/Sandy Hook type push.

Indian Techlords – New Twitter CEO is Indian. Silicon Valley now staffed with multiple Indian CEOs at important tech nodes.


Twitter memesters – New CEO of Twitter does not care for the 1st Amendment and new rules makes more flexibility for arbitrary enforcement.

Retail – Black Friday did not rebound to ‘19 levels. Americans might be tapped out. Big retailers may cut staff sooner than normal this winter.

Consumers – Money technocrats are throwing in the towel on transitory inflation. Prepare accordingly.

Euros – Lockdowns returning, harsh punishments for the unvaxxed and a cold winter settles in.


Does a clash of civilizations emerge or is this just a reality of the multipolar world?

The vaccines were a mistake.

Twitter anons publicly said lab leak and were shut down. Privately, scientists took it seriously.

Translation of Mishima’s statement on his organization The Shield.

Escaping Google search.

We cleaned up the cities and all it did was make playgrounds for left wing mindworkers and megadonors.

JD Vance calls for libel reform.

Forget Rome and Weimar. Look at Japan’s civil strife.

CIA sex crimes and pedophilia go unpunished.

Jay Leno’s wife is a long time NGO foreign policy player.

Not a parody.

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  1. NC says:

    On Russia, they will fair better in the GSM

    VAx is perfect-takers are DOA, it leaks so Pure Bloods can/are be contaminated, it combines with our (western diet GMO food) to become an exponent along with our pharma addiction and heavy does of EM radiation from power lines, tvs, cell phones. ect… It is a slow burn, soon to become a inferno.

    Search engines-use a variety, google for sports and maps, others for more privacy (well more than google).

    Cities-Let them burn, only the brothels and other distractions are there.

    Law-the Wej has owned us for 50years, hold court in the street.

    Interesting article on comparing USA vs the last samurai

    CIA = Wej = Pedo PaPaaC & KtM!

    City of Oroville – just needs some AA to knock out air craft. Terrain looks fairly defensible.
    Need a new Mot20C to listen too…………..


  2. Vxxc says:

    The Indians will turn Twatter into a tech ghetto, its what they do.


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