Winners, Losers and Links


California Refugees – Tyranny on the West Coast grows with the vax mandates on school children.

Criminals – Despite a month now of heightened awareness of crime spikes, bail issues and whatnot, there is no pivot from big city DAs.

Anti-mandate fighters – Corporations are backing down. Courts are pausing the Biden EO. They may have finally pushed too far.


Large Metros – All time record murder counts for cities like Philadelphia, Louisville, Columbus, Indianapolis and others… and we still have 3 weeks to go!

Ukrainians – Tough spot to be in and no matter who they become vassal to, it will be rough.

Moldbug – Just take the L on covid and write about other things. Urbit has been a success and many great essays through the years so no need to remind us that quality of life means nothing to him compared to a 0.3% chance of death with an average age of 77 for those who die.


What if the Red State Model is all good weather? An essay looks at republican rule of a state outside the Sun Belt and finds its results disappointing.

Afghanistan was the function of a broken system. The Big Dumb Machine.

Anton has a great essay on our unprecedented situation.

Nemets has a long form essay on the Sea People.

NAFTA created Trump.

Private security rises in Portland but the media is here to say it is bad because NO ONE IS ACCOUNTABLE! What about the cops not doing their jobs? Where is accountability there?

More dirty moments in the 2020 covid timeline.

White Millenials, sacrificial lambs.

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  1. Muh Calvinism says:

    Moldbug is a turtle sitting on an elephant sitting on a dreidel…. It’s dreidels all the way down, folks.

    PS: his thirsty dating ads and horrible poetry are worse than his clotshot advocacy. I spent $200 and never got the book he promised lol

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  2. Tony The Tigere says:

    a fitting tribute to moldbug, who is a smart guy, in spite of his neuroticism, would be if urbit became a hub of antivax, antilockdown resistance.

    his story arc and the palladium magazine crew’s recent link-up with the world economic forum (to do god knows what) are two seemingly disconnected events that tell the same story: the dissident space has not yet congealed into a movement. my advice is to try and learn from everyone, but entrust yourself only to those who would entrust themselves to you.

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  3. Vxxc says:

    Record murder rates are success of the intended policy of chaos.

    We are doing at home what we do abroad. It works.

    Since that’s probably not something you can accept watch the Movie Sicaro and the sequel where they spell it out.

    What we did in Syria we are doing here in America.

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  4. Lon Spector says:

    The White “Male” (?) is the biggest schumck there is. He even rivals the Jews who happily boarded the cattle cars that took
    them to the camps in World War 2.


  5. Vxxc says:

    One has to study the Anglo-American Ruling Class over time.
    They are Masters of the Indirect approach, see BH Liddell Hart.

    For example; from time to time any Boss will have to prove they are Boss, politically and economically this means Repression. Repression is now done since 1965 by unleashing waves of barbarism ; we call it “Civil Rights.”
    ^ here is an excellent example of the Indirect approach.^

    The tenets of the Indirect approach:
    * Strategically by the least expected path.
    *Tactically by the path of least resistance.
    *Have multiple objectives – so the opponent must be uncertain (see also Strategy of Tension).
    * Place the enemy on the Horns of a Dilemma and either Horn is worth a battle (Sherman quote).

    We are being subjected to the above. As the cost to our elites is 0 Zero and indeed this enriched them now and since the 1960s, this will continue as long as it takes and then some, they can always count on the Right to restore “law and order “ when it runs its course.
    The follow on also serves ~ for in the ensuing “racism and brutality “ the blacks and libertarians paranoid about weed now build a groundswell of indignation against the authorities, who are then weakened, then we have riots and exploding crime and the perpetual motion engine turns.

    This is the great brilliance of our ruling class.

    The solution?
    That requires men, and they are not to be found on the Right. Or read this, but here is what they do to us anyway.


  6. NC says:

    1st thank 4 the Myth episode. One more after dark year in review???
    As for Saint Floyd central resident-let it burn…..PaPaaC and KtM.

    Indiana just partnered (sold) its hi tech fab to a multi national company RPG’n as a USA company (its owned by fellow whites).

    Afghanistan was perfect- fleeced the middle class tax base, got said tax based addicted to opium and sacrificed a ton of goyum in the process. Total success. Never mind history…..

    Greece- very long and interesting article What are ‘Greeks’ now? No ware near Alexanders DNA!

    I don’t do Tweaker(tweeter), so no idea on that article.

    White Millennials: America’s Sacrificial Lamb-fleece those Boomers that refuse to except their fate.


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