Winners, Losers and Links


Anti-CRT Advocates – More action is happening. Whether the next step against universities will be taken remains to be seen.

BBB Resistors – Looks like BBB is punted to next year. Makes for an interesting vote if inflation is raging and it is an election season.

Airline passengers – Outgoing CEOs testified that masks are unnecessary. Change in the winds?


Student debtors – Sorry no help for you. Vote harder next time.

New Yorkers – Mandates now forcing kids to get vaxxed to enjoy their after school activities.

The Youth Vote – The gerontocracy rules, get used to it. Maybe Alzheimers will wash the elderly away from positions of power in 10 years.


Rich libs buying guns but will they adjust their priors?

The right goes halfway on racial politics but color blindness won’t work.

Woke commissars move out of HR and into product development.

Oldie: Is this dead man DB Cooper?

The Epik CEO talks to CNN.

Whitney Webb on the oligarchs’ plan.

Crime data for your real estate decisions? Sorry that’s deleted.

China has a new base in Africa. Positioning.

Boris Johnson has an interesting family tree.

Whatever you thought of the Whitmer Kidnap Set up, adjust your expectations for malfeasance.

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  1. Tony Chachere says:

    A good thread about Idaho, a state which serious protestants and serious catholics are moving to en masse. unfortunately, so are serious californians, and the combination of factors risks making the state unlivable. But this guy’s analysis of what is happening and what needs to happen there will resonate with people who think about urban/rural issues generally, specifically as outlined in Marty’s book LET THEM LOOK WEST (which you have all read by now, right?).


  2. NC says:

    Purge all Pedophiles at all Cost and Kill the Masters
    Cali gets what is deserves!
    Whites are still too nice and will continue to suicide themselves. I’m married to one:(
    WEF-“Less than six months after the Strategic Partnership Framework was signed the pseudopandemic allegedly began in Wuhan, China. Resulting world events have somewhat obscured the corporate capture of global governance from public attention, but it remains in place. ”
    Amitai Etzioni, an Israeli-American dual citizen, is the director of the Center for Communitarian Policy Studies at George Washington University. A former advisor to the Carter administration, he formed an association of like minded sociologists and other scholars called the Communitarian Network. -every single time!
    Let the Chicoms have Africa. They will only own it for 1-2 years.


  3. nc says:

    thx 4 the Mot20C episode on 1st day of Yule!
    Hope I get a ‘end of year review’ too….
    Keep up the good work


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