Winners, Losers and Links


Covid skeptics – This was the week when the tide turned. Some Slack channel announced a change in the script and now all official organs are parroting the skeptics’ line.

Unvaxxed – Watching vaxxed family members catch covid in Winter Wave ‘21 provided some needed comedy. Mandates and vaxx regimens in doubt as the flu pivot begins.

Dragonbear – The Chinese and Russians continue integration of economic, military and political pieces. They do this all as America is in disarray.


The Boosted – All those jabs and they still catch Omicron. See you in ten years when long term side effects start showing.

College Students – Universities are sovereign within the nation. No scaling back of any covid restrictions. Full tuition charged for Khan Academy education.

Commuters – Many firms are ending work from home arrangements come January. Get used to hearing about the hybrid model. The long commutes commence and with gas $1.00 higher than last year.


The FDA blocked rapid testing. The FDA did everything it could to make this pandemic worse.

Cowen might be deploying sarcasm but he introduces to Bloomberg’s audience what we know. Woke is a new phase of imperialism.

From the start, America was aiding al-qaeda in Syria’s civil war.

NY media trying to sell readers on the looming nuclear crisis in Iran.

Breadtubers received funding as part of a psyop.

Ron Unz discusses the Duesberg HIV/AIDS hypothesis but still cannot make the last leap.

You know that speech every recently divorced woman who destroyed her family for frivolous reasons and weird potential selfish fun opportunities? Someone wrote it down.

The government is going to stop Musk from going to Mars.

With the new Matrix out (Hank says thumbs down), read this 2006 article on the wild story of Lana’s change. Possibly the most curious part is how much more wide open discussing trans was then.

Happy New Year!

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  1. miforest says:

    I haven’t read anything as depressing as that divorce’ s babbling in the Atlantic in a while. what a tragedy for those kid . not to mention the husband. I am very sad for them all. what a putrid culture we have that leads women to think this way .

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  2. Cthulhu says:

    Starship isn’t just for Mars. Starship is in the running for being the lander for NASA’s next attempt to go to the moon, which Bezos is suing him over because he is a big bad meanie for trampling all over his offering which was put forth under blue origin but was actually put together by the MIC establishment. If Starship gets grounded by muh environmentalism it means three things:

    1. The oligarchy in this country has so completely circled the wagons that industrialists capable of puting forth high quality products that nobody else is capable of putting forward are no longer welcome here for fear of out-competing rich brats

    2. Elon Musk should move his operations to Russia where there are serious rocket scientists and a serious and even monumentous history of achievement in space (Sputnik, Gargarin, etc) and where he will be allowed to pursue his goals

    3. The message has to at this point have gone out to other wide eyed Boers who care more about a red rock millions of miles away than the future of their own people that the opportunity in the land of opportunity is all dried up and you should probably either learn Mandarin to pursue your self indulgent fantasies or man up and try to fix things where you are.


    1. GDR says:

      Elon Musk should seed a populist movement and let proles go full Romanov on the opposing oligarchs. He should have a dynasty and be a king, for too long have his deeds gone unrewarded.


  3. Lon Spector says:

    “Everyone’s Gone To The Moon.”


  4. DudeMan says:

    Such an awful woman. My Grandfather, were he still here, would likely shake his head and say “The more I see of people, the better I like dogs.”.


  5. Tony The Tigere says:

    The metaphor of the tide turning is compelling, but in my opinion inexact. I think what we are seeing is the ratchet spinning back. They did all they could do, until they encountered resistance, but a turning tide implies that the opponents of the status quo are in a position to realize concrete gains, and while I’d like that to be true, I don’t think this week indicates that. The precedent has been set that two thirds of white people in america, and nine-tenths of them worldwide, will submit to a situation where a) the burden of proof is on them to justify their going anywhere and b) their default stance is to take any injection of anything that the television tells them is good.

    All of a sudden, targeted assasinations of those opposed to the power structure are EASY: just use the records that exist to divert such people towards a particular lot of the next round of drug that’s more likely to be harmful (certain lots of the vax appear harmless if not placebo’d, while others appear to have very high rates of side effects including death).

    The gold standard is not detente; if they stop doing this, the precedent stands, and it can be ratcheted up again next time it’s convenient. The gold standard is punishment/recriminations for the people who pushed and enforced this.


  6. Lon Spector says:

    In N.Y.C. they are favoring the treatment of black covid patients over the whites.
    Tell me it isn’t genocide.


  7. Tony The Tigere says:

    Favoring black covid patients fits the race narrative they have, but it also helps them clear pensioners off the rolls, since whites are more likely to have fat pensions and also outlive blacks under normal circumstances. I think one part of covid is backdoor entitlement/pension reform (via killing people who are done paying in but not done drawing).

    Unnecessary intubation is perfect for this of course.


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