The Real Jan 6 Was The Friends We Made Along The Way

No one believes the United States Congress is “legitimate”. As a group they are universally despised. This is not a novel circumstance – there hasn’t been a day since 1800 or so when a double-digit percentage of the population didn’t prefer a double-digit percentage of Congress erected on the trees conveniently planted mere yards away on the National Mall (their congressman is of course wonderful for helping them out with their VA pension and so on). Their approval rating is lower than that of HIV.

This is for a good reason. Notoriously corrupt and ineffectual, their primary role is channeling the grift that a $6.6 trillion federal budget can provide (not counting the Federal Reserve’s formally unlimited resources, which lack even the pretense of political control, or “compliance” mandates enforced on a putatively private sector) and taking, all things considered, a modest commission for their services. Pelosi gets top billing because of her relative lack of subtlety, but a plurality of the institution is on the take on various levels.

That merely accounts for the financial corruption – no one who has met a living, breathing legislator is under the misapprehension that they are a Big Man squeezing out their cut like Tony Soprano. Their take is for the most part the equivalent to a doorman’s Christmas tip – they keep things running smoothly, but everyone is aware they are ultimately disposable, which is why there is a marked lack of shock when it turns out they have self-destruct buttons embedded in their careers and are selected to begin with for pliability. Ultimately, they do as they are told or are replaced.

Encountering an angry mob, then, should be treated as a natural entailment of the position, like a mailman occasionally encountering a snarling dog. This is why they make the big bucks – serving as a physical locus of disdain so the people actually running the country don’t have to trouble themselves with the banalities of legislation. Also entailed in the position is hysterical cowardice and histrionic fantasizing about their role in a drama orchestrated for the benefit of the viewing public.

Thus we have the spectacle of an utter humiliation – where a ragtag group of unarmed, unorganized, angry, and mostly peaceful protesters with a completely inchoate agenda nonetheless displayed more spine than the avatars of national political power, who they sent scurrying, fart-masked, into rat tunnels to await instructions on when and how they should vote. The fact that it was a bunch of rope-line-respecting costumed yahoos made it that much more bitter. This wasn’t some Channing Tatum action movie with a crew of Spetsnaz mercs synchronizing their watches for the Big Job (at least on the protestor side). It wasn’t even the secret police waving guns in their face at 3AM (another occupational hazard that, statistically, twenty or so of them have to look forward to). Aside from the horror in the tunnel, a good portion of the footage could be set to Yakety Sax.

The two responses to this sort of humiliation tend to be to memory-hole it, or go full revanchism. Caesar’s conquest of Gaul was at least partially motivated by and rewarded because of the humiliation of their sack of Rome 350 years prior. Never again! Who’s vae victising now?! It’s clear what path Congress and the institutional left have chosen. The sanctity of the blessed temple of democracy is at stake! They trod their unwashed feed upon Dennis Hastert’s favorite wrestling mat! If the demonstrators are insufficiently threatening on their face, they must be inflated until the story becomes a temporary failing against a terrible danger rather than the beclowning of a widely hated institution.

You cannot reason your way out of this dynamic. Reason implies cunning, which merely heightens the jeopardy they pretend to be in, unless they crush the hated rubes. The danger is further exacerbated by the fact that the entire ordeal was spiritually, if not tactically, initiated by Trump, whose signature move was allowing his supporters to acknowledge how much they hated various slices of the governing elites by pointing out how much the elites hated them. Who else could inspire such a volume of men to assemble, let alone storm the capitol, let alone without him asking? What should happen if, next time, he asks? They could not possibly reconcile with such a threat.

Conversation is impossible. How then to respond?

The second best thing to revanchism is spite. The idea that Jan 6 was some kind of right-wing coup is ridiculous (the opposite not so much). The idea that such a response would have been richly deserved in response to the November 3 coup and <insert time period> of actively hostile governance is quite defensible – language of the unheard, and all that. If the left wants to claim as their enemy anyone who questions the honor of the Milwaukee election commission or the Ways and Means committee, the right should be happy to join hands on that basis.

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  1. King Dogman says:

    Good break down
    In many ways Jan 6 was a Folkish riot against the corruption of the cosmopolitan state. In a different time it would be farmers chimping about a wheat tax.

    The legacy of Jan 6 will be interested to see evolve. Whether it just becomes another riot, or the poison pill of “our sacred democracy”


  2. Tony The Tigere says:

    From the perspective of the tyrants standing on our necks, if 1/6 had been more anarchic, it would have actually been LESS scary. Part of what they feared was the mob’s restraint, because self-restraint is one component of an emergent order. Some percentage of those who stormed the building were Fed provocateurs, I think that’s a given, and they were riling people up and behaving provocatively, but even with that, there wasn’t a great deal of wanton destruction, no fires started, no art smashed, as the other side would have done, even if not professionally provoked to do so. I think I saw some account of a bookshelf being knocked over, tops.

    We can’t see the future, and without it, the recent past is also obscured. If historical euro americans push back from the brink somehow, 1/6 might be remembered as the brushback pitch that convinced the tyrants to prudently quit crowding the plate, or perhaps the goad that led them to such irrational overreach that their sclerotic grasp collapsed. To be clear, I don’t think it was a good thing, I think the odds are less than 50/50 that it will be remembered as one. If I was much surer it was, I hope I’d have had the courage to do it too. I don’t have that certainty, and it’s the nature of counterfactuals that I can’t perfectly gauge my courage in terms of how I’d act if I had. But ultimately man provides the “how” and God provides the “why.” It’s just possible, in terms of grand strategy, that 1/6 was a good thing, in spite of the rhetorical and tactical gains the other side has made in it’s aftermath. We’ll know in a generation. But for now, it’s nice to see some legislative hirelings breathe heavy!


    1. GDR says:

      The single most important thing to remember about 1/6 is that everyone who wasn’t a fed agent provocateur will remain in solitary confinement being tortured without any charges brought against them forever or until they plea to something that gets them 10+ years.

      In short, they failed because they both did it and did it half-assed. Either go all in, or better yet don’t go at all.

      You all know where I stand: subversion and deception are the strategies that can’t fail. That said, if you want something more direct then learn from the failures of those who came before you.

      We’ll see how the Canadian 1/6 rolls out. If the Canadian military stands down, then we’ll see US FBI agents sniping boomer truckers and MAGA MILFs and the end will start that way.


  3. Newscumsoomer🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈 says:

    Jan 6 = worst attack on democracy since Battle of Hoth


  4. Razumov says:

    The heroes of Jan 6th were surrounded by con artists and agent provocateurs, by antifa infiltrators and feds, and led into what increasingly appears to have been a deliberate ambush intended to create a terrorist event. In the midst of every treachery and plot, the sacred 700 found in their hearts the mad bravery to storm the hated Congress, but also the discipline not to take justice into their own hands and so no terrorism occurred. The ambush failed and instead the great victory of Q was achieved. The system was provoked but their Reich stag fire fizzled. Their desperate attempts to fake it have fallen apart and so their plan to split the “MAGA TERRORISTS” from the people has failed. Instead the people love their heroes who had the lizards cowering under their desks.

    For revolution on a metaphysical level is the war for the heart of the people. The heroes who stormed the Congress live in the heart of the people because they utterly humiliated our filthy ruling class and because they desecrated the temple of Democracy. All the Bannonists are so caught in a web of their own lies and contradictions they can’t defend their own heroes, which is why a fat retarded tranny has its boot on their neck. So the people will call forth those who will defend the heroes, and the tiger will throw off the grifters who betrayed them. Those on the American right who are on the wrong side of the heroes of Jan 6th are already in the dustbin of history, they just don’t know it yet.


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