Stepping Over Distractions

Submitted by Withered Rose

It is two weeks into 2022, and now that we have recovered from New Year’s parties, January sixth has passed, and eyes are turning towards midterms, I think it is safe to begin talking about how we can do better than years previous. Do better? Better in terms of tangibly improving people’s lives. Better in terms of gaining political influence. Unfortunately, the past year was consumed by, largely irrelevant, news sensations. George Floyd, regime changes in countries most Americans could not point to on a map, border disputes between Russia and Ukraine, and, of course, the non-event of January sixth. Let me ask you this, was your day to day living seriously impacted by any of these things? No? Huh, how strange. Let me ask you this, in comparison to the airtime spent on the above events, how much attention was paid to rising gas prices, supply line shortages, the continuing opioid crises, or the mass exodus from California and Northern states to the South? Significantly less? Funny that. It is almost like we are being told to look away from the very real, very tangible, indications of life quality declining, and told to look at eye candy news stories.

​Although most Americans got wrapped up in Floyd and January sixth, after the dust settled their concerns shifted back to everyday realities. As the left is going on moral crusades, and the Establishment GOP is ineffectually pushing back, we on the right have an opportunity to give concrete solutions to tangible problems. We can step over the petty distractions and, provide that we can offer realistic solutions, win popular support. George Floyd? January sixth? Russia and Ukraine? How about this? Fuck off. Our people cannot afford gas, they are finding shelves empty at the grocery store, working class folk are hooked on opioids, and people are fleeing incompetent states in the hopes for a decent life…yet you want to badger me and flood the networks with some moral drama hundreds of miles away from my town or anyone I know. I apologize for the foul language, but that is the healthy and proper response.

​Looking out at a host of problems, and an even larger host of incompetents, I also see a triumphant right. Imagine if the right became the go to source for analysis of gas prices, supply lines failures, opioid addiction and inter-country immigration. Imagine if whenever someone like Tucker Carlson, Darren Beattie, or Steven Bannon (who have all mentioned these issues at one time or another) is looking for show prep, they find that our guys give the most detailed information. Imagine further, that if only a click away from these analytic articles you could find a policy drafted by one of our guys. Is this sexy? Depends on how big of a nerd you are, but, no, it is not a reflection on Nietzsche. Will this sway right-leaning GOP figures over to our side? If done right, yes. If we can do that in 2022, then we can have a real shot at influence and even ameliorating some of the problems facing our community.

​Wait! Don’t end there! Are you seriously saying, “trust the GOP?” No, I am certainly not. What I am saying is that there are a number of highly popular figures who have mentioned real issues, not news sensations, and they have to get their information from somewhere. We can be that somewhere. That is influence. We can be the intellectual wellspring from which solutions are drawn. Like it or not, there are problems facing everyday Americans and these problems really, really, suck. Maybe it would be better in the long run to support a third party, but until that third party is viable, if we care about ameliorating hardships, then, when it comes to election day, we must work within viable parties. By all means, support a third party, donate money, give your time, go to rallies, etc. but know that you cannot eat a Turkey that is still baking.

​Will right-leaning GOP officials read our material? I think they already do. However, if you doubt this, then let us be activists. Print off articles from The American Sun and place them in your local representative’s mailbox. Get your local GOP’s email, keep up a correspondence and in each email link an article that illustrates your point. Make a Gab and enter conservative groups, and share, share, share. If you want to do more traditional right-wing activism, print off stickers, using Avery Paper, that say, “People are reading ___” and place them around areas where conservatives gather. Where is that? Cigar lounges, churches (do not place stickers inside a church or on the church building), and Country Clubs are good locations.

Let us make 2022 the year we step over petty distractions. Let us make 2022 the year people come to us for information. Let us make 2022 the year of the right.

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  1. AGuy says:

    We need a new Ricky Vaughn in 2022…. (but one who doesn’t doxx himself to wingnat pieces of shit)


    1. wiggy says:

      Absolutely. Ricky was the gold standard.


  2. toko says:

    This is what I’ve thought for a while now. Less pretension, no dry articles, just clear-cut policies that friendly people can put forwards in local governments. Imagine if the mountains of autists we have, that are presently looking at barely (at best) relevant historical analogies, would write up laws that some guy on his town council could put forward.


  3. Cthulhu says:

    Kulak politics trump right wing politics. Give the Kulaks tangible solutions and results and they will follow, after all, they spent the last six years following a man who only talked about solutions despite being president.


  4. Tony The Tigere says:

    The most important elected official in a rural area or small town is the sheriff. Electing or turning a sheriff will do more than doing the same with local GOP functionary (of course, if the latter is a tool to do the former, then that’s ideal).

    Sheriffs control who is and is not detained, and through that, what kind of elements are allowed to function in an area. Almost as important, in most states, at least in theory, or in extremis, a sheriff controls the supply of housing. The mechanism here is their executive control over the foreclosure/eviction/auction process. Kulaks won’t (and arguably shouldn’t) fight for an ideology, but fighting for our homes is right and good, whether against developers, or against blackrock, or against would-be settlers of displaced populations from other places.


  5. Harry Flashman says:

    * Step over * hmmm


  6. NC says:

    “Let me ask you this, in comparison to the airtime spent on the above events, how much attention was paid to rising gas prices, supply line shortages, the continuing opioid crises, or the mass exodus from California and Northern states to the South? Significantly less? Funny that. It is almost like we are being told to look away from the very real, very tangible, indications of life quality declining, and told to look at eye candy news stories.”
    Most dumb asrs americans can’t turn off the tv or put down their phone.

    “Imagine if the right became the go to source for analysis of gas prices, supply lines failures, opioid addiction and inter-country immigration”
    Get off the right left para-dime. Their on the same fucking team. Pharaohs don’t care about slaves. House slaves don’t care about field slaves.

    Make a difference. Start with PaPaaC&KtM!


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