Winners, Losers and Links


Europeans – Covid restrictions going away in some EU nations.

Putin – He has been radio silent as the West has mixed messaging and runs around screaming about war.


Teachers/School Boards – The fight about curriculum continues to grow. These garden variety progressives now have a long fight on their hands and even with the entire system behind them, it will stress them out.

Governors asking for more immigrants- Both R & D governors are imploring the federal government to boost immigration numbers for their Chamber of Commerce and multinational corporations bosses.


Wokism has not peaked and the fight is not over.

Infertility and the low TFR are both getting more exposure.

A short blurb on the differences between men & women concerning pain and growth.

Ivermectin works per a large study.

Great book review and discussion about modern Christianity on the subject of violence.

The virtual has supplanted the real.

More CIA hijinks with experiments on children.

A test of Substack’s pledge to not censor.

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  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    I don’t agree that there’s an essential difference between men and women in respect to eustress.


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