Winners, Losers and Links


Covid Lockdown States – Breathe the sweet maskless air all ye who dwell in the land of lockdowns!

MI Complex – Orders for hi-tech gadgetry continue. Even if no war comes, the Eastern Euros will load up for the future.

Amazon – An inflation crunch will drive more to search for the lowest priced cheap Chinese junk and with no cost shipping. Prime memberships rising.


Covid hysterical set – There will be a split. NPCs will just update software and move on while the broken brain set will face anxiety and anger that masking is ending.

Consumers – Inflation reaches a generational high. No end in sight. We would need to be thrown into a recession to slow it down, but in an election year?

Olympics – We love our Olympians but fewer are watching. Something about no crowds and ski jumps next to industrial plants that ruins the magic.


2CB returns to write about Whoopi.

A deep dive into what made its way out of China.

Mythbusting common statements about Putin and invading Ukraine.

Your new female swimming champ.

What’s the probability you find a wife who meets your standards?

Can localist revolts work, is there any example to use as a guide?

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  1. Guy says:

    This Theiner fellow seems pretty knowledgeable, but speaks like a propagandist for the State Dept than someone trying to explain reality. Even if right about Russia invading imminently.


  2. Gray says:

    What myths is that article deboonking. One point is just shilling overpriced American military tech such as the F-35. Is the author suggesting Ukraine can actually afford to buy such things. Maybe they should focus on NATO spec infantry arms first, if they even intend to ally with globohomo.

    “Putin can win the Battle of Ukraine, but he cannot win the war against democracy”
    – cringe


    1. threestars42 says:

      > Maybe they should focus on NATO spec infantry arms first,

      It’s annoying how many Americans believe that small arms have any relevance in modern warfare just because they like to collect the stuff or see them in computer games. In a war with Russia, it doesn’t matter much if Ukraine equips its foot sloggers with decked out HK416s or bolt action rifles. The F35 is slowly on its way of becoming good value for money and will certainly make a huge difference.


      1. Gray says:

        Totally ignoring the core point of my comment, altering armaments to integrate with NATO is obviously something that would’ve been done before investing state of the art jet fighters – especially if it’s as trivial as you claim.
        Baseless speculation about my citizenship and the idea firearms owners don’t grasp the importance of other equipment beyond small arms in warfare is an obvious 4c*ck tier strawman.


      2. threestars42 says:

        Most EE NATO countries like Poland and Romania still hold on to Warsaw Pact calibers because of the logistical hassle changing to 5.56 and 7.62 would involve. It simply doesn’t worth putting in the effort, precisely because it is so trivial on an operational level. It’s not at all clear what you are referring to by “altering armaments” to “integrate” to NATO, but for the most part individual weapons systems are procured as distinct parts to be integrated into the whole of the client’s defense forces. Sure, if you mean Ukranians would need things such as new comms, infrastructure, IFFs, etc to properly work with NATO, than that much is indeed obvious.
        Apologize if I miss-classified you; but that type of small arm enthusiasts is a sadly all to common fixture of the comment section wherever military matters are discussed. Hence my irritation.


  3. threestars42 says:

    Theiner is a propagandist. He’s basically repeating the Western line that not even Ukrainians themselves seem to agree with. They are far less worried about Russians attacking in Kiev than the constant war shrieking in the American media would lead one to believe.


  4. Reinke says:

    Fuck Amazon, anyone with a Prime subscription is a traitor to our people


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