Winners, Losers and Links


Commodity Nations – All commodities jumping is a boon to commodity powerhouse nations.

China – China can sit back and observe this Ukraine crisis as a guide for dealing with Taiwan.

MIC – Supplying weapons will be the Western support procedure, so expect orders to skyrocket. Raytheon should make out well.


Americans – Price of everything will rise. Longer oil stays above $100, the more pain all will feel. Just a few months over $100 shut things down in ‘08.

Ukrainians – Invasion entered a new phase with more shelling. Urban combat could be gruesome. No more petrol in Kiev to get out.

Russian Oligarchs – As the West targets them to inspire regime change, they are experiencing financial attacks.

Everyone worried about Big Tech – Entire nations can be frozen out of everyday processes at the flip of a switch.


Hanania goes over Ukraine predictions.

It’s not just a gamble by Putin. Ukraine is gambling, too.

Hef is dead so the dirty laundry is aired.

Michael Anton writes a tongue in cheek essay on everything being fine.

Americans hungry for a war are forgetting the risks of escalating this into a broader war.

Bill Roggio offers some sober analysis of the first week of conflict.

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  1. R.Greenfield says:

    I guess the rising price of oil and gas could help out Iran and Venezuela.


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