No Masculine Pivot

War makes things real. It cuts at the joints. Ukraine will not allow men aged 18-60 to flee the country. Defense of the homeland calls. Transwomen are now considered male and must stay behind and fight. A transman decided to femme up to pass as a woman again to flee fighting. Zelensky enjoys a publicity campaign crafting an image of a machismo war leader waging a heroic defense of his nation. Martial values returned to the good behaviors column. Will America decide to turn the Titanic and promote the same? This is an unlikely pivot because the entire egalitarian leftist worldview that controls our government policies relies on denying it.

Prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there were memes mocking the machismo recruiting ads for the Russian military dying at the hands of a Tumblr looking Western female ordering drone strikes. There is truth to this as drone warfare can be handled by any pilot anywhere. It is quite the statement revealing asymmetric tech differentials. America is casualty averse and even in WW2 was seeking ways to use tech to minimize the horrific grind of war. We have laser guided missiles today, but even in WW2 we touted our visually enhanced, accurate bombing runs. Spending on intricate weapons systems lines corporate pockets and allows our Pentagon to push the woke military staffing.

We can see this in the military’s actions since January ‘21. There was a military wide stand down to have racial reckoning talks. This was while Russia shifted military assets towards Ukraine. America was not serious about any threat then. They are not serious now even as escalation continues. Concerns of a creeping world war are not slowing down mandatory pronoun training or the drive for racial equity in our military. Ideology over function.

Media talking heads say we are at war and talk of sanctioning nations that do not fall in line with regards to sanctions, but we are not at war war. No one in the theatre of war has attacked America. America is at economic war with Russia, which is itself a feminine action compared to openly engaging in warfare. Mommy is withholding your allowance for bad behavior. The hysterical wiping away of Russian cultural figures and content is like a girl burning her ex’s gifts and tokens after a break up.

Some may argue some on the the right sees this problem, but where are the policies? The outer right has written books concerning this sickness in the West, but what actions has any insider proposed? Anyone mandating strenuous gym classes or government funded adventure camps for young boys? Anyone going to go to an extreme and in a nod to the Dionysian vibe of Bronze Age Mindset, make filibustering legal? How about restarting homesteading with government land provided to enterprising young men? The Iron Prison will not be dismantled, and no glimmer of sunshine will be let in because too many would strive for it. Doesn’t have to be that dramatic, but what about tamer policy changes to make it easier to secure and maintain a family as more humble Apollonian minded men might seek? Just make divorce tougher and half those readers would be happier. The Misandry Bubble has not popped yet, but it could be deflated a little if you want men to fight and die.

Forget Hollywood or advertising firms pulling back from the tropes of the last fifty years. That is a non-starter. Expect more 110 pound waifs stomping on the face of 200 pound men on a loop, forever.

Would the government and its media organs pivot to fitness and the virtue of strength? That is where military tech makes it not a focus. Obese drone pilots can do just as fine as fit pilots. Fat is fit as the messaging of the last decade tells us. To seek improvement makes one a target of mockery, and to value strength will define clear winners and losers. It destroys the gender egalitarian meme. This would elevate men as having a superiority in one facet of life, and that is not allowed. We live in a memeplex where women and men have the same capabilities except where women are better. The left and system cannot even admit transwomen have an edge in sports due to biological differences. As Mike Ma’s book said, the system has forgiven all women’s faults. Do you seriously think it would ever allow a hierarchical framing to put women at a disadvantage? They need those regime loyalists.

There will be no pivot under the current regime. To allow it would be to call into question the egalitarian lie and nudge people towards other sacred egalitarian cows. It is ideology over competency. An indicator for this is that approach to sanctions causing massive disruptions in the energy sector. The Biden administration is not downshifting the Green Energy future in favor of a massive domestic drilling program. There is no easy pen stroke to allow the completion of the Keystone pipeline. Current progressive ideology will not allow it. The closest America may come might be television advertisements glorifying the castrated transwomen lifting, shooting and defending the amazing American empire. Men may be praised for their martial strength but only in a wig, with painted nails and neutered.

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  1. Big T says:

    How much the troops can deadlift doesn’t matter much in the context of missile exchange with Russia. On the bright side a flabbier military might be a good thing in the event of future civil conflict


    1. You think rockets liad themselves in launch tubes?


  2. NC says:

    Thank you for the Mythofthe20century episode. Solid:


  3. rillxn says:

    The Empire’s neglect to make any meaningful ideological adaptations, among other things, leads me to believe this ‘war’ is, at the level of socioeconomic collusion, ‘theater’ being conducted and performed per pre-established agreements to facilitate mutual agendas.


    1. miforest says:

      Rillxn – you are correct . none of it seems real or organic. The nato provocations forced Putin’s hand , and the Ukrainian “leader” swears to ” Fight to the last Ukrainian ” from the basement of the American embassy in Poland , in from of a green screen

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  4. Joe says:

    Agree with your take on current environment.
    But it is all fake. All of it is social engineering paid for by evil short inbred pedophile Satanic Kzarian banksters who wish to see the beauty and strength and intelligence and joy of white Northern European Christian men and women defiled and profaned.
    Take away the hoax pretense of population consensus that is the Kzarian run electronic media and human beings will return to their normal pre television human nature as surely as the woods return to an unmolested cleared feild.


  5. TDSC61 says:

    They are too busy dilating their manmade vagina.


  6. Colleen Fisher says:

    So if a trans woman , man, whatever claims to be a man such persons should be men in all ways. No getting out of fighting for your country if you have transgendered to a man. Be a man then! Good for Ukraine not letting trans get out of their duties to their country! You can’t be both when a situation you don’t like comes up and all of a sudden you want to be the other sex! You’re a woman or a man. You did this, you chose this, get over yourselves and suck up whatever circumstances you have put yourself in. It’s no one else’s fault if you were born a perfectly normal, healthy male or female that God decided you to be! You wanted to mess with Nature so be it!


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