Winners, Losers and Links


Iodine Salesmen – Lot of talk about using nuclear weapons for a regional war confined to one nation.

Unvaxxed – Even NYC ended their restrictions.

Kyrie Irving – NBA player forgoes the vax and could not play homes games. Vilified by the pro-vax sports media. He gave up some money but isn’t complaining of chest pains. Who is laughing now?


Europeans – Europeans sitting on the edge of their seat to see if their leaders put them through intense economic pain to satisfy the American war party.

Home buyers – Median home price now above $500,000 for selling price. Good luck competing against Blackrock.

Corporate Procurement Depts – This is a weird moment for firms as they have to manage contracts deftly. Analyzing the South American experience in the ‘80s and ‘90s might be useful.


The legal system has gone fully woke. Welcome to post-first world America.

The identity cult has swallowed everything.

Snitch culture with woke characteristics is just Soviet era behavior for Americans.

Does covid shrink our brains?

Zoomer athletes are made of weaker material.

Supply chain slowdown for Europe.

Manufacturing bloodlust.

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  1. Cthulhu says:

    Pro tip for anyone concerned about long covid (the following is not medical advice):

    I read somewhere long covid is causedy micro clotting cutting off blood supply through capillaries, and after I had covid I had a numb feeling in my nose and lost of taste and smell. So I did the reasonable home remedy trick of taking a baby aspirin a day and the symptoms cleared up. I suspect now reading that Forbes article I might have saved myself from brain damage. Pretty cool if so.

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