Winners, Losers and Links


Florida schoolchildren – The grooming efforts are delayed to 4th grade.

Russian Finance World – Market reopened and the rouble recovered.

NPR Approved war criminals – As long as you are the designated good guy, everyday American women will excuse your war crimes. black career criminals, pitbulls and now Ukrainian militias.


Hunter Biden – WaPo covering his laptop that revealed his corruption might signal the intel community being done with Biden.

Hollywood – It took a staged looking assault to get people to talk about the Oscars celebrating movies few if anyone watched.

Euros – Big showdown over gas and whether they will pay in rubles or not.


Seattle turned on its cops and continued its decline.

Weird story about the NFL idiot who drove +140 mph and killed a woman.

Change copyright laws and hurt Disney.

Woman writes that the Marines have an unhealthy obsession with physical appearance.

The Russians are going to counter in the economic realm.

RAND study on the civilian deaths in Syria.

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  1. NC says:

    Thx again for the Mot20C episode, still need to finish it.
    Here is something for Nick Mason:


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