Winners, Losers and Links


Viktor Orban – Some tight polling pointed to problems but even foreign polling is bad. Fidesz cruises to victory and Orban remains in control.

Elon Musk – Small buy into Twitter rather than buying it all means he gets attention and can play a part in the speech debate. Maybe redditors can bandwagon and help him pump n dump a stock, not a shitcoin.

Institutional home buyers – Mortgage rates touching 5% means less competition for Blackrock.


Companies that exited Russia – Shell faces the first impairment loss charge of many coming for firms that followed USG instructions.

Fixed income Americans – CPI cost of living adjustments will lag true inflation just as food inflation ramps up. If they also rent, good luck to them.

Alaskans – Sen. Murkowski will vote for the D SCOTUS nominee and Alaskans realize again, there is no ejecting squish Murkowski ever.


Profile of real power. Mr. Madigan ran Illinois like a fiefdom.

Inflation likely will cost Americans over $5000 more this year.

How long will GAE last?

Bezos gets into real estate and so can you!

The kangaroo campus rape courts result in multimillion rewards for some.

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  1. NC says:

    Get a rope, they approved the PEDO judge!


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