Winners, Losers And Links


Elon Musk – Maybe he gets Twitter. Maybe he doesn’t. He is the straw that stirs the drink on that platform now.

Ukrainian Warlords – Lot of weapons shipments coming in so they will either be stocked to bleed Russia (and their sons) or can sell them to desperate buyers.

Shale firms – With the cut in oil markets looking legit and no signs of an end, shale on private land is economically viable for a long time.


American consumers – Inflation at 8.5% and no one but Resistance Ds believes it is that low.

CNN – CNN+ debuted. The subscriber base came in lower than piddly Youtube channels.

Purple district Democrats – Hard work this fall to gin up the vote rigging mechanics of ‘20. Keep in mind that the ‘18 midterms were a herculean effort to mimic their presidential year GOTV in an off year. Midterm turnout not seen for a century.


What and who is behind the Kyiv Independent?

Dollar at risk of dominance. Sure but what could replace it?

Interesting read about affirmative action hiring leading to a plane crash but the writer cannot reveal it.

Abolish the FBI chant gets louder.

Alex Jones was right (again).

We do live under an occupation.

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  1. JA says:

    Can we get a nose 👃 check on the Twitter board of directors?


  2. Sulla says:

    Jewish author writes article about America being under an occupation. Makes no mention of the Jewish role in any of it. Half the article is about Nazi Germany.

    God, these people truly are insufferable.

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    1. The Franklin says:

      Sulla: It was funny though that Mamet mentioned the story of Rumpelstiltskin. That one went way over his head.


    2. JA says:

      Surprised an ethno-narcissist tribe member who believes his racial tribe was “chosen” to rule us serfs has somehow made his tribe’s problem our fault and demands our greater subservience, it’s so weird this has happened 2000+ years on a row when we gonna get it


  3. Disemelevatorized says:

    You can tell the pilot was black just based on his last words. Before the article mentions his place of birth


  4. Razumov says:

    Elon Musk is a bubble billionaire. So now he will buy twitter with his monopoly money, this is fine. Because this is one more part of the liberal house of cards collapsing as their thought control of twitter is now seriously threatened.


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