Winners, Losers and Links


Air passengers – Masks are gone. That farce is over. The judge who struck it down gave the admin an out to say whoops it is gone we tried sorry hysterical base. Unfortunately, they are appealing it. This seems an own goal because the courts gave the Biden admin an excuse for it ending.

The Right – Watching Florida operate, the American right sees a policy lab. There are lessons to learn, so will they wield power? If they have, look for GOP trifecta states in ’23 to push hard.

Libs of Tiktok – LoTT has well placed friends on the right. This explains the organized defense and criticism of her doxxing. Now LoTT will collect good money for her efforts.


US Intel leakers – All the prophecies of doom for Russia in Ukraine have not come true. All the leaking during Russiagate is proben not just false but known to be false by different intel agencies.

Taylor Lorenz – She has her job. She will have a job for years as a journalist. She did see her doxxing of Libs of Tiktok backfire. Lorenz actions also made the world of doxxing a talking point on Tucker.

New Home Buyers – On top of high prices and institutional buyers, 30 year mortgage rates cracked 5%.


Even if you care about climate change you must be 100% onboard with current progressive beliefs and actions.

The Fed is late to the game and is very worried.

A dive into state building in ancient Africa.

Delicious Tacos covers his inclusion on some German funded hate speech list.

A major effort must have gone into publishing this article on the new American right.

Jim covers the functions of money and sate of the dollar with regards to each function.

Aaron Mate covers how the State Dept Clinton emails (a treasure trove for how the geopolitical world works) reveals we knew full well that we supported Al Qaeda in Syria.

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