Twitter Winners, Losers and Links

Musk buys Twitter! It will take months for the sale to close and even longer IF there is a wholesale cleaning in the bureaucracy. Trust & Safety protocols are still in place, but may they change? These are huge unknowns. No one should be rushing back yet. Let this shake out.


Disruptors – The status quo may change. The future on Twitter does not seem as defined.

The Right – The potential upside is an even-handed application of rules.

Political Marketing – A Musk run Twitter will not pass on allowing campaign ads.


The Left – IF and it is a big if things rewind to pre-2018 Twitter, the Left loses.

Anons – Unknown what a Musk run Twitter will do to anonymous accounts.

Twitter Employees – They will work for an owner who may ask more of them. Some may choose suicide (some already were destined to do so).


Tears at Twitter from their top legal counsel.

Some Twitter employees are not freaking out. No institution is a monolith.

Blame the worldwide lockdown on China’s moves.

China’s soft power tools suck.

Illinois is nine states in one.

The NY Times notices the new right. Doesn’t get why the left isn’t cool anymore.

Free speech is a threat to the regime.

This has to be read to be believed. The rainbow flag is the flag of the empire.

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  1. Dan says:

    The New Yorker article on blaming the worldwide lockdown on China’s moves is hilarious.

    “Authoritarian governments in eighty nations have enacted restrictions on free speech and political expression that were falsely described as public-health measures.”, with not a single mention or reference to countries such as the USA, Canada, Britain, Germany, Austria, New Zealand ect. It does reference countries like Russia, Turkey, Venezuela, China, El Salvador and Hungary though, lmao.


  2. NC says:

    Thx 4 the Mot20C episode, except it was so boring, I fell asleep. Can’t remember the last time that happened. I guess you better get La Fond on soon……


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