Winners, Losers and Links


The Unborn – Depending on how the pressure campaign goes, the unborn might enjoy the chance to feel the sun on their faces.

Chaos Enjoyers – Roe v. Wade going away could bring on protests and mostly peaceful riots. It is an election year.

Unvaxxed – More Pfizer docs are out and the news is bad.


Careless Women – We have near free birth control and they can always demand condom use, so only the most careless should fear a Roe overturn.

DNC Fundraisers – Money should pour in now for their candidates. Killing babies is big business.

Stem Cell Researchers – Where will they get a source now?


Niall Ferguson writes on how crypto and the dollar are partners.

The neolib future died in Sweden. Here is how.

Pay attention to diesel. Might point to an awful summer ahead of us.

How NGOs and foundations closed off the left.

In California, living in pods is already here.

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    As the cornered rat on a sinking ship has nothing to lose, the corrupt, devil worshiping cabal known as The Deep State, and the 1%
    Power Eliet will unleash the dogs of war, and open up the gates of hell. Operation Genocide is about to commence.


  2. Big T says:

    “More Pfizer docs are out and the news is bad.”
    Nice where can I learn more about this bad news


  3. Jancsi Bacsi says:

    Any restrictions on abortion ought to have a caeve out (pun intended) for ectopic pregnancies and other cases where the mother may die.


    1. Ginger Ale says:

      No loopholes. If the mother is defective, she shouldn’t be in the gene pool.


  4. Tony The Tigere says:

    LaFond on Myth said that the end of April is classic riot season.


  5. NC says:

    On abortion, now the lefties want to do post birth abortions. So in their possessed minds abortion pre/post birth is not murder.
    So could you post birth abortion a progressive and not be charged with murder?
    Food fo rthought



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