Winners, Losers and Links


MIC – US expanding weapons it will send to Ukraine.

Border Jumpers – Team Biden not slowing anything down. Stat online said number of Cubans crossing is 1% of their total population.

Online warriors – The Disinfo board crashed and burned in 22 days. They will try again and by other means.


Theater Kids – Nina of the wizardrock past had to step down from her Ministry of Truth appointment.

Commercial Real Estate – This is important as this space involves big money and is the lifeblood for the power cities.

Madison Cawthorn – He discussed the orgies and drugs, and the GOP powers dropped the hammer.


It’s a theater kid occupied government with the Millennials rolling in.

What is healthy masculinity?

Ancient secrets lie in Turkey.

The three big powers are zombies.

Ancient eugenics did happen.

Climate change is a scam but its pushers hold the controls.

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    Interesting that the former head of the “Disinformation Agency” “Scary Poppins,” was working in Ukraine helping Zelinski.
    There’s lots of incestious connections in Satan’s damnable deep state.
    BTW, the Mid-terms-if they-are even held-will change absolutely nothing. It’s just one massive Uniparty.
    Civilization is quite ruined.


  2. miforest says:

    the 3big powers are zombies is completely 180 degrees wrong about who won the ukrainian war. the russians won in a route. the western media is complete propaganda now.


    1. Big T says:

      Nice when is putin’s Kiev victory parade


      1. Here’s the guy who has never been in a real fight!


  3. NC says:

    thx 4 the links PaPaaC&KtM


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