Eliminating Obesity…Or Making a Dent

Folks that have never watched Alex Jones will nevertheless be aware of the oft-memed cry “they are putting chemicals in the water! They are turning the freaking frogs gay!” Even if you have not seen this meme, you will at least be aware that there exists, somewhere out there, crazy people who think that the government is putting chemicals (fluoride perhaps) in the water system to dumb us down. Behind all of this is some truth: there are a lot of chemicals put into our food that are known to make us fat and dumb. Maybe it is to weaken the population, maybe it is corporations putting the bottom line above human life, but regardless of the motive, the fact is that corn syrup, seed oils, and artificial sweeteners are making us fat and dumbing us down.

So, here is a problem. There are many problems besides this one, but I think we can use the obesity epidemic (no, it is not just America…I know about your “munchie boxies” Brits) as a test case for a much larger problem-solving frame. My friends have used the imagery of water spigots. What plants in your garden grow depends on what plants get the water spigot pointed at them, which means you can shape your garden by pointing the water spigot at the plants you desire and pointing it away from those you don’t. Applied to the economy, we can say that what businesses strive are those that receive the spigot (subsidies and tax cuts) and those that fail get no spigot love (no subsidies and a raise in taxes). Furthermore, we can tear weeds out instead of just turning spigots off. Economically, this looks like seizing assets. Society is a garden, and we can decide what grows in the garden. Ecology, not politics, is our model.

Back to obesity. Obesity grows in our garden because weeds (corn syrup, seed oils, artificial sweeteners) are watered, while fruits wither from lack of water. To fix our garden we need to tear up the weeds and water the fruit. Ripping out the weeds will entail implementing a federal ban on corn syrup, seed oil, and artificial sweeteners, with the added penalty that those companies found still producing these items, or using them in their products, will have their assets seized and bank accounts frozen. Watering the fruit (or flowers if you like to envision that kind of garden) looks like giving subsidies to organic and non-GMO food producers, coupled with significant tax cuts. These subsidies might even be made contingent on organic and non-GMO food producers lowering their prices so that their products become more affordable to the working class. Weeds are banned and heavily penalized, while fruits (or flowers) are encouraged and supported, this is treating politics like ecology.

This program is not a guarantee fix to obesity, but it will take away some of the causes of obesity and make healthy food more abundant and more affordable. Unless I become a hard economic determinist, this is probably the most we can do with economics. At the end of the day people make their own choices regardless of incentives…or sometimes in spite of incentives.

Some may look on my program and call it “socialist” or “communist”, maybe even “eugenicist.” Instead of arguing over labels, which is rarely productive, we can simply step over these distractions. Step over “capitalism”, “socialism”, “communism”, “eugenics”, or whatever “ist” or “ism” might crop up. We have been given a garden, and now it is time to garden. It does not make any sense to not mow your lawn because you believe in the free market and non-intervention, any more than it makes sense to call planting tomatoes a planned economy. If you have a garden, you have to plant. If you have to plant, you want to plant good food, nice flowers, and pull up the weeds. Beyond politics is ecology, and in ecology is the hope to eliminate obesity.

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    These are the scum who deliberately create Covid 19 and Monkey Pox to control and genocide the undesirables to
    appease their master Satan. You expect help from them. They won’t just leave us fat, their goal is to leave us
    diseased and dead.
    No one is going to stop them.


  2. E M Lowden says:

    I’m all for using State Power to improve the health of a society: that is, after all, the point of the state, to safeguard the well-being, especially the spiritual welfare of the nation. However, in this case I think you may move in the wrong direction with your analogy of watering the garden. The problem is not just one of supply but also of demand. We have become a people of low agency and high time preference generally incapable of withstanding any period of want or deprivation of the meanest luxury good. A ban would only be half the battle: the culture would have to become one used to self-denial and self-mastery.

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    1. bannedhipster says:

      > the point of the state, to safeguard the well-being, especially the spiritual welfare of the nation.

      The HELL it is! You keep your state out of my spiritual welfare, thank you very much.

      It’s sad how Yarvin’s Catholic Court Jew gimmick has spread like a bad case of monkey virus.

      I blame the Tradcaths most of all.

      Yes – a unified executive is the only way to run a company. That does not mean we want a “King of America” who is going to take care of us “spiritually.” God forbid, what a nightmare. Some of these right-wingers make the left-wingers look sane.

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      1. E M Lowden says:

        The only people in history who share your ridiculous view of the state are godless Western liberals, themselves creatures of the Jew. Everyone else in history, from Hammurabi to Hitler, takes the view of a responsible state. *You are the left-winger here.*

        You don’t want the state involved in your spiritual welfare because you aren’t involved in your spiritual welfare.


      2. GDR says:

        Who benefits from using our money to pay your salary while “helping” us?

        E M Lowden here clearly is angling for a job as a bureaucrat administering to us poor ignorant inbred filthy honkies, presumably because he’s too good for honest work (and too stupid for honest thievery).


      3. E M Lowden says:

        That’s the problem with you idiot libertarians, all you think about is money. Your enslavement to Mammon is why you don’t like having a moral, responsible state.

        Your whole ideology is basically just a fantasy of world in which you’re a Jew. Your cute turns of phrase don’t obscure your lack of decency or impotency.


  3. NC says:

    Put Big Sugar, tobacco and caffeine all on the list too.


  4. frankcolumba says:

    Diverse food is most responsible for fatties. When I was a young Wart-Hog I got the same meal every other midwestern American kiddo got every week. It was not great, it had no flavor and lots of kids ate just enough to stay alive. Food diversity changed all that, now instead of eating pot roast and canned green beans for 1 millionth time, eating half of it and playing with the rest they get choices. We little dirtbags suffered from food fatigue, and we were all skinny then . Novelty keeps us in the food game.


  5. miforest says:

    way too late . they have control of the railways and are using them to choke off grain deliveries to dairys and feedlots, fertilizer to farmers , and diesel fuel to the trucking industry . https://chrisbray.substack.com/p/less-of-everything?utm_source=email&s=r . this will bring on famine , shortage , and chaos. the government will implement rationing of course . You will get your Rations with a ” digital ID ” . then all transactions will be either CBDC or just electronic transfer. if you resist moving to the pod , or eating the bugs then your ID will be turned off and yo will not be able to buy food, gas, pay your electric or water bill, pay your mortgage or rent. The CCP social credit system will be here and that will be that .

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