Winners, Losers and Links


Ammo dealers – Mass shootings usually cause a rush for buying ammo.

Market shorts – Markets up this week, which means hope is still out there so despite bad economic data, the Fed must keep hiking.


Ukrainians – Each time Ukraine’s leadership states they will negotiate, it is followed by reversals. More bodies to the meat grinder.

Taiwan – Ol’ Joe said America would defend it. Then the adults said no.


Academics suffer from imposter syndrome but maybe they are elevated idiots.

Why America can’t win WW3. If you are sure it can, give this a read.

A write up on how Covid was made in a lab under directed research.

Testosterone therapy is going mainstream.

Ultimately, what does progress want?

The Fed is actually three central banks in one, and they are in a pickle now.

It really is bad for the Fed. A problem caused by their work, but still awful.

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  1. Chet Rollins says:

    Good grief, I already have too many substack subscriptions, and you keep forcing me to get more.


  2. Anon says:

    “Progress wants to replace us”. No, indeed, it does not. Progress, presented by the article, is a combination of two things: spiritual iconoclasm with it’s origin in the Christian religion and continuation through the secularization of Christian morals in the enlightenment, and technological progress, the result of the continuation of the work of European Pagans which began in the Hellenic world and was restarted with the decline of the Church’s authority after the black death and in the protestant reformation allowing for the European Renaissance, or rebirth of classical Europe. The modern era of European history has been the unfortunate centuries where we have been cut off from our ancient wisdom by the remaining influence of the church and yet reaquainted with our racial nature as the sons of Apollo. As a result, we have played with promethean fire in the form of technology for many centuries without classical wisdom of human nature to temper our work.

    In the mean time the engineers of our state, the writers of the Christian faith, the Jews, have come upon us and have put great effort into ensuring our demise, and here is where progress and modernity fall apart.

    The spiritual head of modernity is Moloch. Moloch originates in Judaism and appropriately was worshipped by the last civilization to give Aryans an existential challenge; Carthage. The technological head of modernity is Aryan but is subject to the spiritual head because all is subject to the spiritual ultimately, but since Jews wish to destroy Aryans over all else (they do not understand technology on a spiritual level) and the technology of modernity comes from the work of Aryans the technological progress will cease (it is ceasing) as Aryans find themselves backed into a corner in a life or death struggle.

    It is my opinion we have reached the climax or will be soon reaching the climax of technological progress for many centuries. In the last dark ages, much wisdom and technology was lost because in addition to nobody having the time or energy to preserve what was known, Christians were actively going around and destroying it. In this new dark ages much of technological advancement will be lost because the race responsible for all technological advancement will be too busy fighting for survival to innovate new technology or to maintain existing technology and the world’s level of technological complexity requires far too many things to go correctly for it to be sustained in a time of chaos.

    I expect eventually the world will move back to an nineteenth century level of technical complexity. Science will take on a roll similar to the mythological concept of magic where it will be closely guarded by a specific class of people reluctant to divulge any of their secrets for fear of losing their own power or repeating modernity. Steam engines are simple to operate, diesel might stay around running on vegetable oil, cooperation on a massive scale required for petroleum extraction in a world of fracking will eventually break down although it will continue for a long time, human labor will begin to dominate the workforce again due to limited resources remaining to run combustion engines and the aforementioned diesels and steam engines will be used to generate whatever electricity is continued to be used for whatever bare bones uses are still maintained, probably telegraph, radio, lighting maybe, maybe running whatever remaining electronics exist for a century or so before bit rot takes them away, lots of cultures will claim “we wuz kangs n shit” and pretend that they and not the white man we’re responsible for modernity and yet the class of techno-wizards on every continent will be exclusively white.

    Modernity is over. The Jewish need to destroy anything better than them has overridden their potential to be immortal priests of a brave new world. They have systematically pushed the white man out of positions of power until technological progress was no longer sustainable. Irrationality wins again. National Socialism could have pulled it all together but the Christian and Post Christian (communist) world’s couldn’t bear the competition. The technological future under National Socialism would have been different anyway but it’s not going to happen, Goebbels was right when he said if they lost the world would be set back 1000 years.


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