Winners, Losers and Links


Johnny Depp – He wins a defamation suit. Rare instance where money allows a wealthy individual to win a defamation suit where the opponent had the ADL’s help.

Employers – As the economy slows down, the wage pressures lessen.

Repo Men – As the economy stalls and slips into recession, the heavily indebted will be relieved of possessions.


Home buyers – Prices are sticky and rates higher. There is a chance that the rise in median purchase price with the drop in total sales is the turn in the market as it was in 2005.

Ukraine – Looking rough in the east. Question is how fast they can integrate new weapons and get troops rotated.

Unsuspecting Americans – Roe v Wade leak. A couple mass shooters. What ops are in store for American as the midterms loom?


There is no counterculture. Well there is but it is brutally suppressed.

Sanctions today are similar to strategic bombers of yesteryear.

An essay on Maine’s Popular Government. The book itself is worth a read.

We do live in an illusion and it was foreseen.

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  1. Vic says:

    That Maine article was generated by a post-grad jargon bot.


  2. Lon Spector says:

    Horrific false flags await. What other choice do the Power Elet devils and their media shills have?


  3. Tony The Tigere says:

    Ted Gioia makes a good point; there’s no denying that we live in a monoculture; obviously the woke hegemony plays a role by limiting what can be said, as does the consolidation of business interests under a few umbrellas where everything is designed by a beige-skinned committee.

    But all of that’s old hat to us, I think it’s also worth observing that the sheer size of a generation plays a significant role as well. With each passing decade post baby boom, the old and middle aged grow more and more to outnumber the young (at least among core americans, who are the decision-makers here, steve sailer is right to observe that immigrants mostly watch movies for the air conditioning).

    What’s dying in pop culture is not the supply side, but the demand side, I’m convinced of this. If a movie or an album was to make a reference outside of mass entertainment, the assumption would be that fewer and fewer young people would understand it, given the drastic decreases in education even in the last 20 years. Movies and albums suck now because AUDIENCES suck; there aren’t enough of them, and too small a minority of the ones that do exist are intelligent enough to tell if they’re in the presence of anything that’s been even marginally thought through. Plus you’ve got the real counterculture (us) slicing off another 5-10% of the literate minority, and they’d be stupid not to churn out the garbage they do. Elizabethan London got Shakespeare because it could fill Globe Theatre with people who could appreciate Shakespeare. We get (and don’t get) what we get for the same reasons.


  4. Cthulhu says:

    Not only is there no counter culture, there is no culture. People are all still huddling inside despite getting covid last winter. It’s insane, there is no public anymore


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