Winners, Losers and Links


Gun Grabbers – Now the random, urban shootings that make up the mass of mass shootings are admissible in the news because there is a push to grab guns afoot.

Unvaxxed – With the arrival of the mysterious Sudden Adults Death Syndrome that isn’t linked to the same biochem mechanism that was just found to cause SIDS, they can breathe easier.

Op Runners – Midterm summer begins. What random issue dear to one tentacle of the left’s voter coalition will they pick for exuberant protesting?


Blue Staters – Oregon is making noise about bringing back mask mandates & other covid containment policies. Despite the normal six week wave pattern & still barely any pediatric covid deaths, the provisions are to protect the children this fall.

Europe – They refuse to make a separate economic peace with Russia and suffer.


The new Tucker Carlson doc scares the left. We are informed that the next one will ruffle more feathers.

It is a two tiered justice system. Simple as.

Can the right build a counter-elite? It must.

The orthodox Jews played a lot of bureaucratic games for years. Then they played them against each other.

The progressive left is pro-war machine. Secret is Bernie always supported our military adventurism.

How did the Polish do it under communist rule? Hard work building a distinct underground culture.

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  1. Anon says:

    I’ve been following a blogger who was shared on a Friday winners and losers about a year ago by the name of Tom Luongo. According to him, there is a rift opening between western oligarchs surrounding essentially the issue of who the debris will land on when the remains of the west come crashing down, with a globalized faction aiming for a full great reset and an Americanized faction aiming to salvage what is left of the Global American Empire.

    I think that at the midterms this year, these two factions will fight it out and we will then find out whether the foundations for a North American underground culture are going to be laid now or if we will have to wait until whites are a minority in a third world tribal situation for a coherent culture to emerge. If the populists win in November backed by Americanist oligarchs there will be no brave new world but populists will have found another excuse to believe in America over their race for the next 5-10 years before there is no choice, and if the globalists will, we will live in brave new world and the underground culture will continue to grow but with high rates of attrition.


  2. Lon Spector says:

    The “populists” WILL NOT WIN. Satan will NOT allow it.
    Most people have never come up against Satan and the things he is prepared to do. They don’t know what will hit them.
    Satan is like a “fastballer” who throws pitches at 110 miles and hour.
    The average citizen is like a 60 year old authritic person. Three strikes are called before he can even get the bat off his
    Satan, just by being the SECOND most powerful being in the Universe has almost unlimited power.
    Only God can bar Satan. There’s nothing to indicate that He will. Actually, we are living in a time like just before the Flood or
    Sodom and Gomorra.
    The Calvery is NOT coming. The Satanic, manicial, telephone calls are coming from WITHIN the house.


    1. Anon says:

      The populists will not win because although they have good instincts they aren’t very smart and will be re-directed against their own wishes by whoever in the existing establishment is willing to throw them a bone here and there.


  3. Lon Spector says:

    Yep. The self delusional Steve Bannon who says there’s going to be a Republician sweep, and all the criminals in the
    Biden Administration are going to be prosecuted.
    Dream on Steve. The “republicians” have held power plenty of times. Nothing ever changes.
    EVERYONE is corrupt and compromised. Satan has his claws in everyone. We’ve only survived this long on Divine Grace.
    Our privildges have been revoked. We are in free fall. Like the person in the process of falling from a building who says,
    “It’s O.K. I’m still eight stories from the ground.”


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