Winners, Losers and Links


Russian Finances – Energy revenues exploded to cover war expenditures and foreign firms are selling their Russian assets at fire-sale prices.

Big Tent GOP advocates – One Hispanic woman flips a seat in a low turnout vote and they go wild. More focus on her attributes than her message. More Dems r real racists talk. They can enjoy the win for now.

Market Shorts – More pain as nothing looks good.


Prospective Homebuyers – Mortgage rates at 6% but prices still high. Market might crack soon enough and offer relief.

Third World Food Importers – Food insecurities await. Look for a massive African migration to Europe to commence in earnest.


Another essay that dives into how and why Orban keeps winning.

Lovecraft warned these fools.

China hacking US phones.

Rolling Stone covers the bleak Ukrainian front.

It’s over for the urban, Millennial subsidy.

Get the popcorn out for progressive infighting.

A Midwestern doctor tries to unravel Bieber’s facial paralysis and how the vaccine is involved.

Science proving right wing memes right (again).

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    Starvation, great depression, and wanton murder. If that’s not enough, top it off with World War 3.
    I’d say we’ve got lots to look forward to.


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