Winners, Losers and Links


Gun Grabbers – The new gun bill allows for red flag confiscations and kafka-esque bureaucratic odyssey to get your guns back.

Neurotic Progressives – The volunteer thought police now can inflict harm on their opponents via red flag snitching.

Everyday Carry Enthusiasts – Looks like concealed carry is a go. Problem remains if you choose to use it. What will left wing DAs do to you?


Uvalde Cops – The leaks paint a picture of the most incompetent or most cowardly force or even worse implications. They let cops wives and children die, intervening to prevent any rescue.

Gun Owners – This sell-out is a no compromise bill. They get nothing in return for all the restrictions added.


It is hard to lie about Ukraine’s success now.

Putin’s recent speech, which is worth the long read.

Greer on the twilight of the American Empire.

Covid vaxx negatively affects semen and sperm.

Who really cares about diversity in academia?

Obama/Biden officials made bank in the Trump era thanks to the revolving door.

How the corporate world went woke.

Bloomberg discusses why increasing oil output is difficult.

Interesting write up on who Taylor Lorenz is.

The adverse effects of the vaccine are too large to ignore for even mainstream researchers. Never forget what they did and how they acted.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Lon Spector says:

    “Bye, bye America.”


  2. miforest says:

    The destruction of sperm count is NOT temporary .


  3. Mongo Llyod says:

    is greer a mind-golem? The ottomans were a benevolent long-term thinking empire but Rome was not huh? Sounds like something someone still kvetching about a temple ruined 2 thousand years ago would say


  4. Earl Shetland says:

    >Taylor Lorenz

    Nice try.


  5. NC says:

    Thx 4 the Mot20C episode!


  6. NC says:

    “Who is Taylor Lorenz?” EVERY SINGLE TIME = WEJ!


  7. Gray says:

    Ok this Taylor Lorenz article,
    “Born in New York City, reportedly on October 21, 1984—currently 37 yrs old”

    This woman is clearly not 37, apparently this is “evidence”. Even wikapedia disagrees. She had to fake her age for a young persons award.

    If people like this really are connected with interet archive that site is worthless also. No reason they’d give a crap about archival evidence and it’s just a weapon if you pick and choose.


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