Keep Pounding

On June 24th, 2022, Roe v Wade was overturned. The unthinkable happened, and the right scored the biggest victory in recent memory. Millions of babies’ lives were saved by six courageous men and women. Following the news, many states swiftly banned abortion and made it clear that the punishment for procuring an abortion is life in jail.

It has been a long time since the right has had such a clear and lasting victory. Yes, there have been victories here and there, but none as big as overturning Roe v Wade, and none as lasting as a Supreme Court decision. While it is appropriate to celebrate, we cannot rest. In boxing, when you hit your opponent and they begin to stumble, you do not sit back and admire your power. No, you keep on pounding. As soon as your enemy begins to weaken, you double down and push.

When the left won Obergefell, they immediately pushed for transgender bathrooms. When they got transgender bathrooms, they pushed for drag queen story hour. The left understands how important it is to keep pounding. Furthermore, they understand that a victory does not satiate the appetite but increases the hunger. How good do you feel now that Roe v Wade has been overturned? Pretty good? Me too. I do not want this feeling to end, and I want more of it! Victories are motivation to keep on pounding, for they are small tastes of what total victory will look like. So, while you have your cigar and champagne, know that this is just the beginning…if you want it to be.

Okay, but where do we go from here? One place to begin is another SCOTUS win. In the concurring opinion, Justice Clarence Thomas said: “In future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell.” We just got the green light to push for anyone of these three. The same logic Justice Alito used to overturn Roe can be used to overturn Griswold (allowing states to ban contraceptives), Larwrence (allowing states to criminalize homosexuality) and Obergefell (allowing states to define marriage as between one man and one woman). Take your pick. Start a local legal battle and appeal it all the way up to SCOTUS, where it will be pushed through by the same 6-3 majority. Does that not make you salivate? Could you imagine a return to heteronormativity?

Outside of SCOTUS, a number of legislative battles should be waged.

School Choice: Pass bills that allow tax-payer dollars to be used for private schools and homeschools. In forty-two states, it costs less per year to send a student to a private school than it does to send that student to public school. Since each student is allotted money by the taxpayer each year for schooling, why should parents not have the choice how that money is spent? It is their money after all. Public school is not free, and you are the one paying for it. You should be able to use your money how you think is best for your kid. Not only does this make sense from purely ethical reasons (the first being that you should be able to spend your tax money how you like, and the second is that parents should be able to choose the school that is right for their kid), but it will provide exit from the Democrat propaganda mill that goes by the name of “education.” A whole generation could be freed of anti-American, anti-white, and anti-Christian junk. Keep pounding.

Drying Up the Left’s Funds: It is no secret that leftist causes are funded by large corporations like Amazon, Walmart, Blackrock, and Vanguard. Each of these companies, and every other one that donates to BLM, Planned Parenthood, the SPLC, etc. receive amble subsidies from the federal government. Simply make it a criminal offence for companies that receive taxpayer dollars to contribute to political causes. The American citizen should not be forced to pay for political causes they disagree with, or do not even know they are paying for. Audit these companies from time to time. Should they still try and keep the leftist agenda afloat, then apply the law. Keep pounding.

Cranking the Spigot: Make welfare, tax credits, student aid, and all other government aid dependent upon the recipient passing a criminal background check, having no history of drug use, proof of community involvement, and either (for tax credits and student aid) a history of consistent employment or (for welfare) a consistent history of seeking employment. If a portion of the taxpayer’s income is going to be taken, it should go towards upright folks who are involved in their community and who are trying to stand on their own. There are a number of non-profit and charitable organizations who can, and do, help those that do not meet these requirements, but when it comes to taxpayer dollars only upstanding persons should be getting aid. The purpose of these various programs is to help those who are hard on their luck or need help affording college or the rising cost of living. These programs are not to allow criminals, drug users, or individuals with no regard for their community to cruise through life. With those with eyes to see, you can sense that this is not only about reforming government aid but about turning off the money spigot pointed at Democrat voters and cranking on the spigot pointed at the salt of the earth. Keep pounding.

Strengthen the National Economy: We have touched on this before, but it bears repeating. Make it clear that any and all CEOs who choose to send jobs overseas will have their personal bank accounts frozen and that their accounts would only be unfrozen if they return jobs back to America. Should they persist, then their personal assets will be seized, and the company will be turned over to new management. Sending jobs overseas is not just a business decision, it costs Americans their livelihood and, in the case of medical supplies and energy production, endangers our national security. Keep pounding.

Transitioning past Trans: Legally define sex-change surgery as genital mutilation and allocate funds for counseling those with proclivities towards being trans (they are often the victims of sexual abuse and are in need of help). Ban sex-change surgery and arrest those who continue to advocate for it, as this is advocation for a crime and that is a criminal offense. Completely shut down the trans agenda once and for all. You could even do this for states that ban abortion, as the advocacy for abortion, in those states, is the open advocation for the murder of children. It would be completely legal to arrest anyone who advocates for abortion. Criminalize the opposition. Keep pounding.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but all of these judicial and legislative pushes are good follow ups to Roe. We need to follow up, we need to keep pounding, in the same way that a boxer doubles down when he staggers his opponent. To allow the left to recoup after this victory is idiotic. Should the left be allowed to recoup, they will punish us so harshly that you would not like to even imagine it. To keep pounding is a necessity. Not only is it a necessity to knock the left out (they are mad now, and if we do not knock them out, they will knock us out), but our recent victory will give us the energy needed to keep on fighting. If I can twist the words of Saint Paul, who said we shall move from glory to glory, the right must move from victory to victory, with each preceding victory being the motivation and nourishment allowing us to fight the next fight.

So, like I said earlier, celebrate and enjoy the sweet taste of winning. But, let this rest be a rest before the next fight, and not a retirement. Let the feeling of triumph motivate you to get out and become active. If you are active in local, state, or federal politics, push the above policies where you can. If you are not active in politics, now is the time to get involved. Join consulting firms, register a Political Action Committe, and become a staffer. Your goal is not to run for office, but to influence those who run. Moderate your language, but not your policies. Each of the policies I laid out above have their own justification, outside of the fact that they will 1) create a conservative social order and 2) punish our enemies. The crusty old GOP officials you will deal with will be attracted to you because you are 1) young 2) energetic 3) smart and 4) have concrete policies to address concrete problems. They will get spooked, however, if you talk to them the way you talk on Telegram or 4chan, so moderate your language.

For those in the seats of power, and I have it on good word that Tucker Carlson and Darren Beattie, or at least their staffers, read The American Sun and adjacent publications, you are in a unique position to seriously influence GOP politics. You want a conservative Christian order as much as I do, and now is your chance to bring that about. Look how the base reacted to the Court’s decision. Look at how well they react when you talk about The Great Replacement or spoke about how 2020 was a stolen election. Think of how many new viewers and readers you will get if you insisted that we need to keep pounding, that we need to go from victory to victory. Milk toast conservativism is a saturated market. To come strongly in favor of what you viewership and readership believes, to give concrete policies that would accomplish what they want, and to support candidates that run on these policies, we are talking about a huge professional success on your part.

So, no matter if you are involved in politics, if you are going to get involved, or if you are an “influencer”, your job is this: keep pounding. Never, never, stop pounding the left, because the second you do is the second, they will seek revenge. Like a shark who must keep swimming to survive, so the right must keep winning to stay afloat. Let us go from victory to victory my friends, the future is ours if we want it.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Some you win. Some you lose.
    While the termination of Roe v. Wade is a temperary triumph, only a relativity small number of children’s lives will be saved.
    A far greater number of children’s and adult’s lives will be lost due to the cumpulsary genocide immunizations,


  2. Goopy says:

    This isn’t a win. You’re getting played.


  3. Ockham's Chainsaw says:

    Funny how the only 2 comments are demoralizing…


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