Cossack or Cowboy (Pick Your Reins) – Part 2

By Timocrat in Life on the Steppes (Dealing with the Hordes)
Part I appears here

Cossacks vs. the Western Woke Culture

Somewhere deep in Asia rests countless skulls and ruins of bygone ages and kingdoms, that the average person knows not, nor cares to learn. Only the most dedicated archeologist could name them and bring them forth to tell you what they were like. This is where the Cossacks were born, being simply born on the meaner streets of the steppes. The list of empires that have come barreling from the vast wild open spaces of Asia through the narrow bottleneck entrance to Europe is astounding. In fact archeologists have actually determined the first human riders on horseback were said to have originated around the lower Urals region. Understanding this, it was no mistake that Vladimir Putin was placed on a white horse, said to drink milk and do Judo by his Moscow PR handlers when first being presented to the public at large.

The Rus & Cossacks

The Cossacks were and are a mix of the Rus (Vikings) and steppe riders. Having been wise to using ships on the seas and rivers in warfare, these original Rus learned the need to master the horse to answer the call. Like in Lawrence of Arabia to King Feisal:

`My lord, I think… I think your book is right. ‘The desert is an ocean in which no oar is dipped’ and on this ocean the Bedu go where they please and strike where they please. This is the way the Bedu have always fought. You’re famed throughout the world for fighting in this way and this is the way you should fight now! ` – T.E. Lawrence (played by Peter O’Toole)

This quote, whether real or just then at the time followed in policy in defeating the Ottomans, was stated after talking of how the British used their navy to do the same in going where they wanted and striking where they wanted. Flexibility is maneuvering is key to any conflict. We, the people, do find ourselves in many conflicts with our governments presently, and we need flexibility to maneuver.      

Unlike the aboriginal tribes of North America and occasional Mexican conflicts, the Cossacks had much tougher opponents for a huge part of their history. Tougher and long remembered lessons had to be learned, but there was still a freedom loving angle to their lives. The Cossacks had democratic voting for their hetman or ataman (leader), they colonized Siberia all the way to the Pacific for the Czar and Mother Russia, and they had a major hand in defending Europe from the Muslim and Jewish Kazars Hordes.

Russia is a bit of an older brother to the US, which the British are certainly not. The people that stayed and lived in safer Britain, in the early colonization period of the world, were a very different type to those that risked freedom crossing dangerous oceans, rivers and wilderness of the past. Like city slickers they preferred the comforts of city life over the tougher rural areas. City types like to think they are tougher, but this toughness comes from the conflicts of a close quarters’ lifestyle. Hiking and camping show how people long for a life that is in touch with nature or the natural.

JRR Tolkien points to this is the small towns and rural life as the real resistance to the evils of unbridled ambitious industrialization and scientific technocracy. In the book `1984`, by George Orwell, the Oceania Technocracy demanded a special pass to go outside of the city, and most of our dystopian movies now have people locked up inside urban environments like the rats in the Calhoun Experiments. You can see it in the urbanites of our societies in general, as they follow rules more willingly and are overly verbose with ideas of `fake it till you make it `, or style over substance. This is why urban areas vote leftward too, as they are concerned with getting things for free, and allow themselves to be ok with this because that is what city life encourages with endless rules and laws. Women need help, when they are pregnant and with children, and thus builds inside their very nature the idea that there is no other choice. So they have less pride in receiving support from people they will never return it back later in equal measure. If kind words and small gestures were all that was generous in the world women would be top shelf, yet when it comes to big gestures and risk of bodily harm, or even death, women fall from grace and seem very primitive.

It is well known that men are more up for parties on the right of the spectrum and women are more prone to those on the leftward side. The leftward parties offer things more readily. The state is the abatjour of returning people`s taxes for voting support, and so has become the big daddy of those wanting something, but the state until recently knew it had to not have direct strings attached, as only indirect ones were welcome by the public. To feed the growing unemployed and working poor the state has needed more and more laws, so as to gather more assets and attach itself to fewer liabilities. Or stated in another way:

`The more corrupt the state the more numerous the laws. ` – Tacitus

People that live in bigger cities are more open to endless laws, as the confinement of ships in the British Navy of the past, demanded a heavy hand of regulations. Escaping these artificially created situations is normal and why British sailors fled when they could, and why the Cossacks fled other countries` dominions- like the western settlers of the Americas fled the eastern coast and Europe. Submitting to crushing regulations is to lose your freedom and eventually accept your slavery, and city folk are more willing to rationalize it than rural people. Women tend to be seekers of comfort and fashion more than men too, and this makes them pull men to the cities. The suburbs are the no-man`s-land between the 2, but if people could have the food, diversity of culture and entertainment of the city in a rural setting, most would give it up. Yet the purpose of the suburbs was to break up the ethic communities of the cities, which were a good thing as they provided support and protection independent of the state, and they were a voting bloc to resist government overreach. The suburbs broke up the ethic and religious communities, and consumerism made them compete with one another to keep up with the Joneses. For more on this please read the Slaughter of Cities.

Being Put Through the Wringer

That the Cossacks and the Christian Orthodox Church has survived every effort by the Soviet communists to clearly destroy them, in their effort to restart their societies is bit of a miracle. Both Orthodox Christianity and the Cossacks` myth stand as testament to their ability to outlive the hard-core communists of their time. Here are some quotes from Chairman Vladimir Lenin to give you some idea of unprincipled methods used on these people of the steppes:

` Use both bribery and threats to exterminate every Cossack to a man if they set fire to the oil in Guriev`- VL

`The way to crush the bourgeoisie (French for middle class) is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. `-VL

`Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. `-VL

`There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel. `-VL

`One man with a gun can control 100 without one. `-VL

We are presently seeing things going on in our own world that exactly match the ebb and flow of what Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin tried in Russa in varying degrees. We will need to outlast our Woke version of the world socialist government by not giving up our children, nor giving up our guns, continuing to counteract inflation and high taxation as best we can, and so deal with the scoundrels who have been hired to sell us on international decadency. Does anyone still believe what goes for art now, is really all about art? For a good read try Leo Tolstoy `What is Art? ` or `The Dangers of Beauty: The Conflict Between Mimesis and Concupiscence in the Fine Arts ` by E. Michael Jones.    

The British Empire`s New Woke World Order

For most of its history the British Empire has been spreading usury, endless fragmented versions of Christianity (thus weakened), monopoly, British controlled Freemasonry, fagging for a purpose, opium, espionage- and most of all undermining the US as underhandedly at every turn as they could and can. To see this clearly you must look to the assassinations of all the US presidents, and not merely the most recent ones. Hand and hand with this you must look to why they were assassinated in relation to issues of banking and financial corruption, which most citizens are naïve and bored by the topic. The Federal Reserve was originally sold to us, in no mistaken terms, to avoid inflation, avoid recessions and promote general economic stability and prosperity. It has failed on all its formally declared missions and has only helped the Davos crowd, which could have been its real mission. Any digital currency to be created for a nation, or as a world currency, will only be created by the very same inheritors of the Fed. I will cover this in detail at a later date, but anyone believing they will get a better kind of snake-oil from the very same families that have such a long track record of using booms and busts to take more wealth and rights from you is as big a fantasy as they come. To see its history please watch all the 10- Episodes of the Trust Game at Truth Stream Media.             

One issue I will cover here is free trade, due to the direct connection to Russia. England had high tariffs to protect its markets for a very long time in its early history, and once their industry was fully developed and was readily capable to take on any other nation`s economy, was then, and only then, pushed to call for free trade. Many industries need government investment and support to get up and running due to fixed costs, but any country can never do so if their products are undercut, have competitive pricing from foreign competitors and a banking system that is indirectly controlled by people that have their own industries they do not want any others competing with. To them it is like:

`Competition is a sin. ` – John D. Rockefeller

When you are at the top of industries free trade allows you to keep other countries businesses from getting off the ground. For a birds eye view of why Africa has never been able to rise you should read, `Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.`

When England faced off with other countries that closed their markets to build their industry, like the USA, Germany, China and Japan- they had conflicts with each openly or in secret indirect ways. Russia was very close to being one of these industrial giants, and had the resources and central Asian position we now see coming into being, and so suffered from the EU-British-American elites indirect conflicts to undermine their country for hundreds of years (and it is still going on). The Opium Wars dealt with China. WWI & WWII took out Germany, and the Soviet Revolution took out Russia, and we are living through the final take down of the USA presently.      

It might be a time to learn some lessons from the Cossacks, though hardly the version you see in Kiev or KIv. Whether Volodymyr Zelenskyy is doing a Madonna impersonation in music videos or acting the part of Kevin Spacey in the Ukrainian version of House of Cards, the real Cossacks are suffering on both sides of the ongoing war. A hard lesson is simply to not be led to fight each other. For the divide and conquer is what unprincipled manipulators do.   

All Genocides are not Created Equal

There is an acceptance of suffering in the Cossack myth as a part of the acceptance of suffering in life. They will take and give it, and not try to have Hollywood endings. There have not been too many Cossack movies in Hollywood, aside from Taras Bulba, and the more numerous ones from the Russia film industry which are virtually unknown here.

The Holodomor involved such a greater evil, than what is going on presently with the war in the Ukraine. It makes it pale in comparison. What is so extreme in the agenda is how much attention this war is getting compared to the Holodomor. You could not have 2 bigger extremes in publicity if you tried. It cannot be by accident. The absent of the Holodomor from Hollywood has gone on for over 100 years. Despite moderate estimates being over 10 million souls being starved to death by the Cheka and their communist totalitarian system. The Cheka secret police was made up of a minority of atheistic Latvians and a majority of atheistic Jews, for these 2 minorities were the only ones willing to kill the Ukrainians and Russians in the regions. So when anyone claims that religions only kill people, and atheism does not, please wake them up to the facts here. The world media and historians distortedly use the Stalinist term `Kulaks` as a euphemism for the Ukrainian and Cossack population, as to direct the misguided people to the idea of the Cheka only killed rich farmers, as if there were any rich farmers in the Soviet Union under Stalin?? The Kulaks at most were one grade above poor farmers and were not even middle class, as simply not destitute. Well that did not last long as Stalin wanted to sell grain to finance his agenda and so starved his people to do so. Yet the key to this effort was the breadbasket of Europe was in the Ukraine, as we are now starting to relearn with the cost of food. Why is there such a blind spot in the media and history on this score? What motivation is behind it, and is the current war meant to help forget what happened?    

With food disappearing in many mysterious ways in the US and no one learning the lessons of the Holodomor, we may sadly find out the reason we have not heard much of this older greater genocide. Is the reason because someone wants to repeat this mass starvation in the breadbasket of the North America?

There were over 40 million starved to death under Mao`s atheistic Communist Chinese government as well, as the population stopped farming to build pathetic mini-smelters to produce bad iron for an early industrial revolution that fell flat on its face. Are we being set up to build covid smelters to carry out the same wasted productions as small and medium business have been decimated, and farmers are being paid not to grow like in the last Great Depression when people starved. Are people`s retirement plans to end up as the dead birds that the Chinese people scapegoated being responsible for the lack of food? Which in turn created an explosion of insects to eat their tiny crops. Are we supposed to eat this?    

One has to ask how many more angles of the 6 million Jewish Holocaust must we see? How about at least one movie of the much larger numbers in the Ukraine and China? Six million Poles died in WWII too you know! Never mind, as that is also politically incorrect to dive into. Maybe we can have a movie on how the pets of Jewish people suffered under the Nazis too? Surely that is more important than a single movie on the Armenian, Ukrainian, Chinese, or other genocides? Sorry for the sarcasm, but Hollywood is so twisted.

Two French socialists went about writing a book on all the murders and genocides under communist governments in the world and when they finished their book they were set upon from many quarters, by even one-time supporters. Their book `the Black Book of Communism` awakened their eyes to why killing multiple millions more than the Nazis in many cases is downplayed, hidden or suppressed. In fact left genocides and Anglo-genocides both have had the same efforts used to cover over these greater numbers of evil. The British oligarchy staved the Indians by the millions several times, the Irish had food removed from their country as they starved too. While the British elites were the first to use concentration camps against the Dutch Boers in South Africa. By the way `boer` in Afrikaans means farmer.

What Cossacks represent at their core is the blend of a cowboy and a soldier, and the ugliness of war does not come to disturb the myths that surround the Cossack so easily. The long history of war on the Eurasian steppes means there has been a constant need to improve on how to make war. Not by choice, but by necessity in the face of the evilness of the ambitious.

Presently the Russian military has used fewer troops to outmaneuver the Ukrainian forces, with a policy of not using the harshness that was found on the Eastern Front in WWII. When you attack you should have 3 to 1 odds, but the Russians have less soldier numbers than the Ukrainians. They see the Ukrainians as fellow Rus, and history does support this. The Ukrainians are led by a corrupt Jewish mafia cabal, connected to the western NATO forces and elites, and have their most militant soldiers in the Azov Brigades. These are fascists that see the former communist Russians as being the worst enemy over any Jewish elements. So we strangely have a Jewish-Fascist alliance again. If you know about George Soros`s personal history you will know this is not the first time this has happened, and will not be the last time.     

The esprit to corps of both sides of the Ukraine-Russia War is hinging on the old roots of the Cossack legends. The Russians look to be winning this war, if one looks at the bits on the maps and completely ignores the western media. In the public relations war Hollywood has been winning, but it is all illusions and tricks. The bottom line in war is `victory`. So the media in the west will be further discredited if the war`s combatants and styles of war stay as they are.

Crystal Ball or Knowing History

To know Russia is to understand its hard lessons. One old saying is, `Russia is the knight (or Cossack) and the Ukraine is its stallion. ` I was teaching a large group of officers, of an Asian country, the English language, when the Maidan Revolution of 2014 occurred in the Ukraine (a better title would be a western supported coup). I asked the officers opinion of the situation then, and all had a version carried by the MSM news at the time. I showed my historical study by quoting the above old Russian saying and went out on a limb and said that, `the Russians will go to war over this for the Ukraine is too important to the Russians and they know this in their bones. ` The faces of the officers looked like I was a foolish English teacher to state such an aggressive idea to professional men in the industry of making war. It took time to come into being, but I am likely one of the few that was not surprised by this war at all. The Russians were simply biding their time. Patience and long-term thinking is not foreign to them, as is winning by attrition.

The old Novgorodian Rus, who were the beginnings of what was to become the Russian state, after the fall of Kiev, fought a huge battle on a lake and destroyed the Teutonic Knights. Right after that they then submitted to the Mongols and became a vassal state of the Golden Horde. How far-sighted is `that`, as most would have been carried away with victory over the Teutons to then submit ones kingdom with troop so high in morale. Yet this is the steppes, and they knew and know of how many kingdoms have come and gone and been forgotten by most.

Later in history the Cossack kingdoms in the Ukraine region chose to join with Russia, as they were both Orthodox Christians, and they had felt the whip of Polish-Lithuanian Catholic leadership and their Jewish tax collectors and had defeated them in battle. This Polish-Lithuanian government was to later fall from inner weakness and corruption, and so we should take note of why this happened too? Unite where you can or suffer for arrogance. This lesson was lost in England when Harold Godwinson fought the Vikings in the north and then tried without pause to defeat William the Bastard and the Normans.

Here are some sayings of the Rus/ Cossacks to show their more stoic ideas:

One in the field is not a Warrior (the opposite idea that Hollywood sells where the lone wolf can defeat all).

Living with wolves means to howl like a wolf (a greater tolerance for what war means)

You cannot help grief with tears

An old friend is better than 2 new ones.

Each sandpiper praises its swamp.

Bitter Truth is better than sweet lies

A well-fed man does not understand a starving one

You see your friends in times of trouble

Don`t wave your fists after a fight

Eggs do not teach the chicken

Husband is a head, wife is a neck.

A Russian harnesses slowly but rides fast.

The child of seven nannies has no eye. (Too many cooks spoil the broth)

Truth pricks eyes. (Truth is very hurtful)

The ocean comes up to a drunk man’s knees, but a puddle comes up to his ears. (a drugged man will walk until water is up to his knees before noticing, and also falls in mere puddles face down because he is a fool in the end.)

Free cheese is only in a mouse trap.

Many Russian Czars were too harsh, but they had much rope to hang themselves with for the people of that region know they need a harsh leader on the steppes, for this is not the prairie of North America when the tribe`s braves would leave their war party when they felt like it.

The horse as a means for war is gone, but the rider of the whirlwind of war is still there, and he does not follow fashion and is wise to the undermining of his culture.

The Philosophical Metaphor of the Rider & the Horse in Antiquity

For those of you who have bothered to read to the end of this 2-part article, I have saved the best for last. The Horse and the Rider is a classical metaphor used in ancient times to teach those a simple philosophy for their lives. It does not need a degree, or costly sessions, it only needs a person of strength to follow the way of the Rider. This is one important reason it was one of the first things removed from the education system in the 1940s (the classics).

The horse represents passion and emotions, whether the horse gallops off in all directions, or acts stubbornly like a mule and refuses to move anywhere, the results are the same, emotions rule.

The spurs, reins, saddle, bit and whip are the `Will` that controls the horse. This represents the self-discipline or force of character and has to do with controlling your judgement too. Dictators have a strong Will, but have none to little reason, outside of gaining power over others, and so the control for power is confused and messed up in emotional ways and is filled with hypocrisy. This limited Will has no logic to lead the horse and the rider in any clear thoughtful way, beyond over hitting and over controlling the horse and using other people`s horses or emotions. An upside-down personality will use the Will to follow their desires no matter what it takes. Imagine a drug addict that will rob his grandmother for some drugs, and thus Wills himself to beat her to get money. He may have doubts, but uses his discipline to get his desire no matter what he has to do.

The Rider represents thinking, reason and logic. Yet if the Rider lacks the Will, because of vices, or is afraid of countless things, then the Rider is unable to control his emotions or the horse for his `fears` trump his thinking. Knowing the way and acting to reach the way involves controlling temptations, events, others you let in your life, but most of all `yourself`. Also, very weak persons will make out their desires are logical, so as to Ride the Horse where it wants to go, but as you do so, and make excuses that you want to go where the horse desires, you become not a Rider, but a Horse that rides you. There is no way to change riding, only who will lead.    

So ideally and simplified:

        1st Logic

        2nd Will

        3rd Emotions

The Inversion of the Shrinks

Psychology has some good aspects, but much of it is more problematic than good ideas, and even has an evilness to it. Psychology turns this classical Rider and the Horse idea upside-down. The suppression of emotions is bad to `shrinks` for it causes frustration, so you should follow your dreams of passion, or desires, even if they are not good for you. They never outward say so and clearly give a judgement, and so usually just listen and imply through questions with no judgments. Today judgmentalism is a negative term. Still the dices are cast by shrinks and their followers. Most passions are vices and should always be suppressed to reach greater goals. Instead, the importance of this great saying is lost, ` a man has as many masters as vices. ` Instead the trained phycologists thinks you can become liberated by following your emotional vices and good passions alike, as there are no moral judgments anymore as there is no god to make them. Most important to those in power, you become a slave to the man who controls your vices. This is why people are being encouraged to follow their emotions by the falsely created culture.

Your powerful Will can then be wrongly used to buck the social morality, or bravely move past your guilt to do what your passion desires. Life has no problems in a person doing their good passions, such as creating beautiful art or loving your good family members, only with vices. So shrinks give you a patriarchal figure in a tweed coat, beard and pipe who allows you to follow your vices, wherever they lead, which is always to faster destruction.

Lust, gluttony, pride, greed, wrath, sloth & envy are the 7 deadly sins and are all vices. Dreams are often filled with animalistic primitive desires, and are not profound insights. Women dream more than men, and women often fear doing things, and so dreams allow them outlets for adventure that they would otherwise not pursue. So ignoring parental warnings, older social norms, religious warnings about vices leading to disaster, and instead follow the shrinks, pop stars and TV gurus to a wasted life is what we see all around us. It is your choice, but do not use the evilly created pseudo-science to say it is good.

Logic, which comes last in such weak people, is then used to rationalize the pursuit of emotions, or is used to blame their problems on others, as with one being `inhibited` one can now be slutty, druggie, corrupt, fat etc. and it is the self-controlled person that is labelled anal, uptight and thinks too much. Often sold with terms like being cool and hip as you become sheeple to your vices. Take it from someone that is aware of making judgments, and that is not an uptight creating thing, but a very relaxed way to live one`s life. Uptightness comes from fear and double think, not from timely judgments and actions.

Therefore, the order of this Inversion of the Shrinks is simplified into:

1st Emotions (id)

2nd Will (ego)

3rd Logic (super ego)   

Shrinks do not call things by their accurate names, but call them super ego (logic), ego (will) and id (emotions). By encouraging people to following the id, practitioners falsely argue it has deep meaning, instead of being a crass animalistic spastic outlet for the brain`s neurons. In primitive times if you were chased in your dreams by something, you were bound to jump and run faster in your real life as you became more skittish. If you had sex with women in your dreams you were more likely to be more obsessed with sex and have your genes carry on. So dreams helped evolutionary, but were not deep or insightful to anyone but those unable to act in real life out of fear.   

Today few cannot afford shrinks, but many read new age authors who are gurus, TV & SMS talking heads who are gurus or follow friends who follow gurus. Such people have their real fathers and mothers, who could usually tell better advice (if unable to follow it themselves), but many people prefer the company of people that tell them what they want to hear.

All the first shrinks all started with 95% women clients, and often had sex with them. This is clearly unprofessional, but Freud used these facts to keep other followers in line as blackmail. In fact, this whole profession is like a confession for atheists or protestants. Instead of a priest hearing a mix of emotions and telling the troubled person some moral advice and to control the worst desires, they get someone who profits from the more sessions they take and then lets you follow your desires with little to no moral judgments. Likely to cause more problems and more sessions to feel better about your lack of a willful Rider.

The powers of this world know this, and so we have a process of dysfunctional ideas for the population to make them more controllable with corruption. A liar, for example, cannot complain about the biggest of liars of those in power. They are just better at what the small liar does.

This is the key to `Know Thyself.`

`A man has as many masters as he has vices. ` – Saint Augustine


With the questionable election of Biden, the unorganized retreat from Afghanistan, the endless printing of dollars by the Fed and the laws coming into focus that limit free speech, we are not headed for a good place- to put it mildly. The cowboys are armed and not keen on Washington and so there will be some blow back. While if the Russians can win the hearts and minds of the Ukrainians with their oil, rubles, food and stoic wise understanding of their history, while the Europeans may start to prefer the men of the steppes. Besides who wants to be a soy boy that has a horse riding him in the Woke World of the EU and North America?

Most wise and brave men will use their spurs and follow the old philosophical ideas of the ancient teaching of the Horse and Rider. Be a man, better, be a cowboy or Cossack and find other ones and work together, or die together, or hang separately. The choices are fewer now but being a sheeple is not one of them for me.

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  1. Smoke Taryletons says:

    History is a construct of the white male patriarchy and we have always been at war with Eurasia.


  2. Alex says:

    Gay Pride uber alles!


  3. Julia says:

    Good one


  4. stallard0 says:

    More fantastical revisionism glorifying strange blood, culture and spirit and spitting on our patrimony. Why are the sins of the Russkies excused as the actions of their masters while the Brits are made to wear the actions of the same? Why bewail the sailors pressed into the navy and the yoke of the Polacks and completely fail to mention that half of the population of Russia were slaves to an indolent, cosmopolitan elite until around when a certain other tyrant bought the freedom of the slave race with the blood of the nation’s sons? How dear is an older brother whose only meaningful contribution to this country before becoming our sworn enemy was shipping its subversive minorities over and selling off a failed colony? Your presentation of the Cossack mythos is appealing because it reinforces our ingrained notion of Anglo-Saxon freedom in emphasizing their independent spirit (incidentally, perfectly unlike the Eastern churches, who notoriously bowed the knee where Romanists and Protestants resisted) that placed them decidedly estranged from, and oftentimes hostile to, Moscow. We can admire and mythologize them from afar, as we did the Indians, but at the end of the day they were primitive nomads who are decidedly Other to us.


  5. Robert Tribou says:

    It occurs to me that the Tacitus quote could be rewritten to say “The More Corrupt the People the More Government Creates Laws,” which more accurately explains why the purposeful corruption and degradation of the population has been going on for so long. The more chaos the Oligarchs can sow the more power they can grow.


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