Winners, Losers and Links


Russian military – Slow grind in eastern Ukraine but the reports from Ukraine are ghastly.

Asian Tories – Boris Johnson’s implosion means even more slots for Asian Tories to fill.


Employees – Layoffs starting in the middle of high inflation. More stress for those left to man understaffed departments.

Retailers – Energy and food sucking in more money means less consumption of discretionary items.

Germany – Enjoy the cold winter.


The university-government complex rules our society.

Does anyone believe Saudi oil reserve claims?

When civic education is woke in a deep red state.

Great thread on the introduction of liberalism into American discourse.

Will the email jobs disappear? One writer thinks so.

The UN supports hunger. Not solving it, encouraging it.

Donbas fighting update.

Summary of the Turkish Deep State.

Drought in the Horn of Africa as food insecurity rises due to Russo-Ukrainian war sanctions.

Women will buy anything marketed to them strongly enough as good, even sterilization.

Chinese taking things to the next level for interference and cyber ops.

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    The Russians are winning because the Russians are the best. They are not weaklings, slobs, and self-hating degenerates.
    Kruschief was right. They WILL bury us. He just got the timeline wrong.

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    1. stallard0 says:

      Yes, Russia is truly poised to take over the world, as evidenced by their underwhelming slog against their weak, mentally handicapped siblings next door. As little joy as I have in this, it seems to me that, even discarding all the hilarious Ukrainian propaganda, the war would basically end up Yugoslavia if the West could maneuver their way into directly intervening without China throwing their weight around. I don’t see Russia having better prospects than being a bit player in the Xin Zhongguo Order.

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    2. GDR says:


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  2. Alex says:

    The sentimental effect was spoiled (for me) in the Horn of Africa article when I read the starving poor person has 15 children.

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    1. Rush YWNBAW says:

      That UN hunger article is satire when you read past the headline, the author’s body of work is full of advocacy to end hunger insofar as a bunch of head-in-the-clouds UN whitepaper scribblers can manage

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  3. Lon Spector says:

    America’s present regime is an Orwellian nightmare. Boundries have been pushed that no one ever thought they’d live to see.
    Worse than a Banana republic. People have no will to resist. Hence, we can see the writing on the wall.

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  4. NC says:

    Thank you for the latest Mot20C episode!
    Remember to PaPaaC&KtM


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