Winners, Losers and Links


Gay Republican Staffers – They get their bosses approval finally as the GOP looks to roll over on codifying gay marriage.

MIC – Congress added even more money to what the Biden admin asked to fund the Department of Defense.

AOC – Complaining about a guy pointing out her cute booty as if she was assaulted and just days later pretending to be arrested. These are huge boosts for her as she garners attention and her fans can create the reality where she is a rape victim suppressed by the patriarchal system. Myth making can turn this into a rape & police brutality story for her future presidential campaign.


Euros – Sorry you don’t have air conditioning. At least you have free healthcare for addressing the heatstroke.

Cali Schoolchildren – Masks back on the menu. This could create the biggest crop of socially disabled, autistic kids in world history.


Houellebecq has a new book. It is long but worth it for the characters he creates.

Beirut provides some lessons for our future.

Great essay on how reality itself has become a game with engage with.

Vice hating on adult milk drinkers.

What did happen to Jordan Peterson?

Wonder if Uganda becomes a proxy war site.

The Dutch farmers rebelling matters.

Parallax Optics does an interview.

Zman explains the death of Twitter. It still has value so it will live on but the growth and fun available is gone.

Michael Hudson explains the end of the West’s political-financial game and what comes next.

The family continues to decay for the lower half of society.

Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced and will take the fall for the blackmail op run by other forces.

Why are teachers leaving the profession?

There will be no end to the Ukraine fight.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Satan and his minions at work.


  2. Norm Peterson says:

    “Reality” essay writer violates his entire premise by uncritically accepting the pizzagate shooting narrative and reiterating the bluecheck “akshully” lie that the building has no basement.


  3. NC says:

    Got Milk, Vice is so RETARD STRONG! They are just pist the Alpha is not pole smoking their dna juice.
    JP-just showed his true colors.
    Nice Pedophile article, but we will never see justice. Fathers will need to extract their own justice going forward.
    Funny thing about Ukraine. On the table top, too many times have I fought over every single one of the HEXES!



  4. GDR says:

    >Cali Schoolchildren – Masks back on the menu. This could create the biggest crop of socially disabled, autistic kids in world history.

    Just think, in 8 years or so we’ll have prime autistic e-thot pussy on the table, ripe for the taking.


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