Winners, Losers and Links


Newsom Futures – Knives out for Biden. Kamala is a non-entity. Who else is capable or telegenic?

Repo Men – More work coming their way as consumers struggle & recession officially arrives.

Pre-covid Homebuyers – You’re locked in. Moving is unlikely, but you got a sweetheart mortgage rate and bought before the price explosion.


Americans – Stagflation officially arrives.

Low margin producers – Inflation killing them and shrinkflation might be done.

Europeans – Energy use reduction plans going into effect as winter approaches and Russian gas deliveries are reduced.


Fraud in science? That no one corrected? That built out more research and expensive treatments for pharma firms? No way.

An interview with Peter Thiel. What is progress?

Chemical imbalance theory was spotty. We drug millions with little justification.

This is interesting as Russia and China seek a new financial basis for trade, but what will replace the dollar? Working that out will be very hard.

Why are Haiti & the Dominican Republic so different? Read all the reasons why except for the most obvious.

A sensationalist piece on Montana. We doubt the implications but the bifurcation in American society is real.

Are Navy surface ships dinosaurs and we just need one modern battle to prove it?

The chutzpah to write this about Americans moving to Mexico city is off the charts.

The Hunter Biden corruption fiasco continues to bubble up.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Unleash those SATAN missles Putin!


    1. GDR says:

      Only a cuckold wishes to be subjugated by foreigners.


      1. Salmon Jones The Magnificent says:

        We are currently being subjugated by foreigners, right now, in the status quo. I fail to see the distinction.


  2. Lon Spector says:

    Better “foreign” people who look like me, than “domestic” 5th columnists who seek my destruction right here.


  3. Tony says:

    Newsom and Pritzker are the ones to watch. Both big blue state governors, both heirs to semi-criminal fortunes, both far left socially. Dems will have to keep going white for the foreseeable future, i think, because the black thing is getting toxic and the asian and latin things are confusing.


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