Pinocchio: How Jordan Peterson Turns Boys into Emotional Puppets

The first gatekeeper I would like to cover is Jordan Peterson. He is not the first and will not be the last, but for conservatives he is both the latest and possibly the most damaging to our gathering of ideas presently.   

What is a Gatekeeper?

Lifetime actors, or controlled opposition, are other terms we can use to tag people that are false friends in the political arena. Lenin said, `the best way to deal with opposition is to control it. ` This is the idea behind the Hegelian Dialectic.

The best way to explain the Hegelian Dialectic, is first to understand that Friedrich Hegel did not promote the use of his ideas in this way, and only talked about its natural elements. Other dark forces have chosen to distort Hegel’s ideas.

To demonstrate a small example of how this dialectic is often used, by powerful state actors, let’s say a husband (father) and a wife (mother) want their immature son to study more. They talk in secret and conspire to trick their son into studying more. The father acts as the tough cop and demands the son study 5 or more hours every night. The mother acts as the nice cop and says 3 or less hours is enough. They stage endless arguments, resort to throwing things and even have a fake physical fight. They may even take fake steps towards a divorce. The son becomes stressed and offers a compromise to do 4 hours a night. The exact amount the Machiavelli parents had originally wanted to trick their son into offering when they started. Now imagine these bad parents never stop this method and use it for every issue. They gradually move their son to doing their bidding as they use his goodwill. That is what the powers that shouldn’t be do day in and day out.

If you control both sides of any political issue, or all the narratives, a corrupt oligarchy can shift the population in the direction they want. If you look into political positions of parties in the past you will find that the positions have been shifted unbelievable over more than a 100 years. The first liberals in England, for example, were for Christianity, a living wage, fair trade and other middle-class ideas that would put them squarely in the conservative camp today. The conservatives in England at that time were pro-imperialism, supportive of often London based British monopolies over other countries, and in addition even within their own commonwealth national industries. They were also supportive of the British clandestine apparatus getting peoples about the world, that were obstacles, to fight with each other so British Imperialism could hold sway. The playing powers off against each other is likely the unwritten origin of the Hegelian Dialectic by the British oligarchy. This is a general theme that most citizens must come to deadly understanding, as the tools they have used against enemy nations have been turned on their own populations with extreme prejudice.

The liberals of England were one of the first to be targeted by the oligarchy and so were separated from the working class by a new kind of socialism. This one lead by Marx and his ilk would distort the cause by splitting the Unions, Christian Charities and middle class from the totalitarian following working class. “Bourgeoise” means middle-class in French. So every time you hear this term in past leftist slogans and books you have to ask yourself, “why are they not attacking the oligarchy and imperialists back then or even now.” They should have tried to sway the middle-class to their version of a workers paradise? The reason was the oligarchy wanted to split the workers from the middle-class back then, just as you see being done now with Wokism.

North American Conservatism has been shifting my whole life from ideas that would truly be called conservative to former socialist ideas. Whatever is a liberal position ‘now’, one can just wait anywhere from a year to 5 years and a conservative party person will be preaching the same leftist position as a phony conservative one. While the left will have likely moved on to a further extreme position that the right will poo-poo for now, and adopt later. Any time the population balks, they will just reorganize and try again in another way and when the strong feelings have subsided.

This is what gatekeepers or lifetime actors help in doing, as people latch on to guru personalities that carry them along for the ride, and that ride is to global leftist technocracy in the long term.

The Squeaky Gate of Jordan Peterson

To corner Mr. Peterson down, or any gatekeeper, is a hard thing to do. They are built to be many things to many people. Like politicians they are often overly groomed, boosted in the leftist main stream media (often giving them negative attention to allow them credo as a real bad ass conservative) after a short time as a supposed outsider. These gatekeepers are allowed to lecture without being questioned too much, and most of all, like Jordan, rattle off ideas very quickly so that you are not sure they are for your positions or not. People then attach themselves to a popular talking heads because of more shallow reasons and or their simple feelings. Jordan is said by the MSM to be a moderate intellectual libertarian, as he pretends to stands up against the people you really do not like.

Jordan’s Disney Expansion

One can look to his work done for the United Nations if you want a simple answer to his supporters. Yet I have a Utube (link) showing Jordan P. giving a class on the Disney Cartoon Pinocchio. In it you can hear his positions clearly, unlike his usual media presentations where his pace and topics change all too quickly for one to effectively critique them for the more casual listeners, or people that have a busy life.

I have read the original book Pinocchio, though it has had several adjustments and expansions in the past, all before Disney got its dirty little mouse paws on it to make its older version of the classic, or its just recent Tom Hanks animation spectacular version. There is lots of criticism we could go over, but we must stay focused on the underlining agenda in the clearly stated Peterson class presentation.

I will give you the esoteric meaning of the book, and then you can compare it to what Peterson asserts. The original books were said to have been written by Carlo Lorenzini (a Freemason), and at that time the Masons were still said to be `Christian? `, or at least as much as they would ever be as they long stopped faking to be any shade of a traditional one. Masons started to be compromised in 1717 with the creation of the Grand Lodge of London, and are fully part of what is going on in bringing about the NWO. Regardless of these facts the original Pinocchio story was a warning to children and country folk to the new industrial urban life. These original efforts had many more good insights and esoteric meanings that one can still appreciate today.

Pinocchio, as you know, was born a puppet and it is the major theme of his story as to when he becomes a real boy? Although Pinocchio has no visual strings, and sings a song `I have no strings to hold me (him) down` in the Disney version, the questions is; has he really escaped them? The real facts are he does have strings that anyone can see, if they can see beyond the surface. The strings that control him are his emotions.

Pinocchio sells his schoolbooks, that poor Geppetto gave up his only coat to buy, for a ticket to watch a show, and watches a puppet show instead of going to school. Punch and Judy was an early form of a puppet show that we can see a version of in cartoons today, often filled with a lot of hitting and emotional outbursts. They represented immature entertainment for its time. The unfortunate situation is Pinocchio does not go to a traditional school and so follows his emotions for non-stop fun and immediate gratification. He hangs out with other boys (a gang) that smoke, do small crimes and more. This happens through the original story. Escapism then, as it is now, floats at its height in the virtual Internet world of today, with people becoming addicted to gaming and many preferring it to the real world. In fact, the stronger a gamer is in the fake world, the lesser on the whole will they be strong in some way in the real world. When Pinocchio goes to playland, where the boys can play all day, they turn into donkeys and become slaves, and are bought and sold. To be an ass is another form of a donkey, but is also said to be a symbol of the devil in some religions in antiquity. The author points out here those boys and girls that fail to mature will end up being an ass or fool.   

Pinocchio keeps hanging out with some bad characters all the time, but the worst of all are the fox and a cat. Foxes and weasels historically have been a reference for dishonesty and cunning. In my book I go into details of the Fox vs. Lion personality types. In this story the fox and cat have names of Honest John and Gideon, and so one is supposed to learn the lesson of not trusting someone via words or names, as `Honest John` is not honest and the cat in not like the Gideon of the Bible. Today we have countless inversions of the meaning of names, like the Department of Defense, which used to be called the Department of War etc. The fox and cat also pretend to be injured and so one needs to be careful on who one pities. Funds for disasters and charity have been known to go to rich people, but few donors bother to check the organization in much detail that they give money to, and simply trust their ads of suffering people on the screen. Their good desire to help people is used by con artists.   

Some who see the role of Disney today might have notice that the symbol of a mouse was a way to set people fears aside (cheese for the mousetrap), and so allow people to be lured into the magic kingdom, as the old witch lured Hansel and Gretel into a house of sweets. There are now lots of cases and issues of abusing children in the Disney company, that you can find by searches. Then there is Mel Gibson`s assertions (Link).   

Later Pinocchio falls for another desire to be famous, and joins an entertainment show where he is then locked up in a cage, and is used and abused. So even in the 1800s the idea of the entertainment industry being a place where abuse and corruption was well known. In the 1930s and 1940s in the USA it was considered a scandal for one family member to be working in Hollywood, as it was known that it was a place of low morals. Still young people continue to flock to places like Hollywood with dreams of their being special, or have too much blind ambition. Many such precocious youth have been encouraged by others when they were young and cute, but fail to see that they are walking into, at the very least, a very jaded and demented Hollywood culture.

Jordan Peterson covers the Pinocchio cartoon`s character Cricket very well, but leaves out some important aspects in his class. Traditionally people have said to have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on this other, as they are of two minds when they make decisions with temptations. The Cricket is the good angel conscious, but where is the devil on Pinocchio`s shoulder? The devil is in Pinocchio`s following of bad emotions. He is not a real boy in that he does not even consider the bad advice as coming from the devil. There is often very little thought in the base emotions, and they are really crass desires, and so it is a choice between a conscious soul, and a lack of one. In the early newspaper Pinocchio versions of the story at the time, Pinocchio kills both his Cricket and his father and goes on his merry way. He throws a hammer at the Cricket, that he is not really trying to hit him, but by mistake kills him, thus showing that horsing around can lead to tragedy. My uncle lost an eye playing cowboys and Indians with real arrows in his youth. He could have saved the eye if he saw or learn such a lesson from the original story in modern form or animation.   

Lying is of course centered on one`s nose growing in the story, and denotes the tendency of dishonest people to stick their noses into others business. To be nosey, is to be interested in the use of gossip and information that is not for you. Like the Ferengis in Star Trek who have big ears or lobs, and lie like breathing. Yet it is just another way to follow one’s emotions.   

In Disney`s cartoon and Jordan`s class most of these moral issues are skirted or left out of the narrative (dramatic silence). Are these lessons not worth learning too? Do they not want to honor the original author and his intentions and morality? We now have this distortion or artistic license in our culture, which allows for a new story to ride on the back of a popular author and take the story in a completely new direction. These producers and directors could just get someone to make their new story and try and sell the book or movie on its own merits, but these people are lazy and selfish, like the very characters in Pinocchio, and may be one reason they do not dive too deeply into bad characters as they make their bad characters so simplistic.

Pinocchio`s religious and emotional angles are instead supplanted by Mr. Peterson via the use of Carl Jung and his insights. Now as covered in my earlier article on Cossack and Cowboys (Link), Freud`s motivation was clearly shown in his inversions of the classical way to teach youth to overcome their emotions, to be the best kind of man. Jung has been clearly connected to ideas that are also weakly defined and tied to secret societies. Both Freud and Jung turn dreams into very loosely supported architypes, with zero empirical evidenced, and Jung’s lifestyle was very decadent as well. Jordan often digresses into the Pagan gods, through Freud and Jung, and has covered the mother goddesses in the past as well. From vague theories to even vaguer theories.

Disney has changed the story in some very odd ways too, and this has Jordan taking this and running with it in other directions that the original story was not meant to take us. This can also be seen in many movies’ series today, such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Star Trek where the story is now distorted for many politically correct agendas. This is not new and has gone on for a very long time in Hollywood. Each step along the way in this agenda has the integrity of any literature distorted to meet some immediate goals of the oligarchy. They will even undo their own work to rearrange it for the newer goal.

The clearest example of the distortion of the story by Disney and Peterson is when the cartoon story covers how Pinocchio’s step-father and Pinocchio are swallowed by the whale. This is clearly a reference to Job and Jonah being swallowed by the whale in the Old Testament. The whale does not represent the earth or god, but Hell. It is a precursor of Jesus 3 days and 3 nights (New Testament) when he is taken to hell. Jonah escapes through prayer and insight, and not through fire. In the old original story the Dogfish (shark) has asthma, and they make it sneeze and escape. In the Disney version Pinocchio`s fire is a reference to the secret society`s love of Prometheus, who gave fire to humans and was punished by the god Zeus for this deed. This is why the whale is angry after they escape in the cartoon, and the whale is turned into the Christian God instead of Zeus by Jordan. Pinocchio has been turned into a Prometheus architype and Jordan plays him seeking the false heroes` quest. In some of the Disney’s children’s book series the whale has been removed all together.

Instead of a boy learning to control his emotions and working hard to help those he should love, it is Jordan’s assertion of a more selfish quest by Pinocchio to become a hero, after being really a villain who is hurt by worse villains. Pinocchio cannot be a hero until he has become a boy (have some control of emotions) and then later a man (conquering fear and vices). He has become a boy at the end of the story and is no longer an ass (animal or demon).           

Jordan`s reference to the ‘heroes’ journey’ is a hollow one, as helping his step-father after hurting him does not make him a hero. The journey is to being a man, and not being ruled by one`s emotions. To use one’s intelligence can only be done through deep thought, that is often a way of prayer for many people. Stopping and thinking and having a good angel, or good conscious, is what makes you become a good man (or good woman) and find truth, not through following your emotions, ignoring your wise elders and their wise books, and not liking it when they bug you- like the Cricket does.

The blue fairy is meant to be a loving mother figure, like Holy Mary, who has faith in Pinocchio so that he will one day become a good boy, like a good mother often kindly does-though some boys and girls never do turn good. Pinocchio has no official mother or real father, and so has not had the benefits of a good mother. Though he has had a good step-father. So a good mother and father make a good boy, and not gangs of young men or women out to be dramatic heroes or heroines on the public stage.     

So, in summation Jordan Peterson is further distorting the story, as Disney did. Why not cover the original story or one of the many first versions of it? Peterson chooses Disney, for Disney has the most hidden occult themes wrapped up in it. Disney movies do not warn children of the dangerous world, as the original Pinocchio story does, but teaches girls to be princesses and boys to be worshippers of princesses (rooted in the old pagan religion at the most primitive). This is archaic-revivalism.

Boys following lustful emotions under the difficult love ideal is problematic, when they do not know of either very well. Like teaching sex-ed in school to children that do not know about such things will only speed things up before they are ready. This is why drag queens are teaching the young so early about things that will corrupt them, as the oligarchy know that if the young have many sexual partners in their youth, they will grow up to be unable to have long lasting relationships with one lover and then a family. Depopulation is the agenda of the oligarchy in so many different ways.

Peterson is a lifetime actor and gatekeeper to what remains of the conservative movement. His job is to bring the latest generation into the fold of the latest leftward shift agenda. That agenda is transhumanism, guru and Freudian spiritualism and a new libertarianism that allows for the oligopolies to get corrupt corporate wealthfare, and small businesses to the get dog-eat-dog free enterprise – and government regulation designed to make smaller and medium business unable to meet the endless rules and laws. What is going on economically, in as simplistic a way that I can assert here, is things you need are being inflated and things you do not are being deflated. Thus, bankrupting the most people. Mr. Peterson has shifted his positions often over the years, seldom if ever due to an older clearer author that listeners can then go and read about. Guru gatekeepers prefer to keep their flock centered on themselves, like in a cult.

Jordan is a kind of piped pier, and he will get you to make your bed, as you never see the medium picture or the big picture that he is very unclear most of the time about, as you prefer to think he is on your side, and not the side of the oligarchies. I would point out Jordan’s nervous breakdown was meant to gather sympathy, as it has been accompanied by a shift to being more pro-Christian. He wants forgiveness, but the James version of Christianity demands a real change of the heart. Mr. Peterson has a long nose, Frengie lobs and a voice like Kermit the frog. In this case the visual matches the mental.       

Honor With or Without U

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    He did a bang up job on his daughter. Imagine her screams of estacy when she was with Andrew Tate.


  2. Cut says:

    I wouldn’t argue at all that he is damaging to “our” side, quite the contrary.
    When you look up the Peterson subreddits, you find a gathering of suicidal, weak, whimpy soys who couldn’t find a place in the globo homo order of soyciety and thats the only reason for their discomfort. Its not caused by ideological schisma or such thing.
    So what would we want with such people.
    Let the peterson grift have them.
    The only real grudge i have with this is that Pterson can exploit them for money and not me.


  3. Bob says:

    First, get an editor. Second, make an interesting claim. Third, compose a narrative to establish said claim. Fail


  4. timocrat3 says:

    From a former Freemason on Jordan’s squeeky gate:


  5. timocrat3 says:

    More on Jordon and George Soros :


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