Winners, Losers and Links


Nancy Pelosi – She saw some stock gains for her winning portfolio and landed in Taiwan. The 401K-war party crowd is excited!

Drivers – $10 gas is averted this summer.

MAGA candidates – Winning versus the old GOP Inc crew.


China – All of the heated statements and no action this week. Fall might be interesting but big letdown.

Tech Workers – Layoffs beginning and Zuck wants to challenge employees.

Mid-tier Metro Office Workers – Return to office policies are in effect and outside of NYC and San Francisco, the commute has returned. A lot of flex scheduling but they know that the 100% work from home life is gone.


Julliard succumbs to woke designs. Good. Julliard needs to be 100% non-white.

Sanctions are a delay tactic.

How to found a Great House.

A people’s history of Covid-19 from Mr. Briggs.

Revolver doing investigative work.

The anti-hero is an expression of the modern state of man and a problem.

Michael Yon reports on Germany’s self-imposed handcuffs.

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  1. miforest says:

    this is gonzolo lira, who lives in Ukraine . it is well worth the listen . they go over a lot of what is happening in the world today. really good on the how and why of the planned takeover


  2. Torix says:

    Gonzalo “Coach Redpill” Lira is a fraud, scammer, narcissist, glowie, sex tourist, piece of shit.


    1. miforest says:

      surely you jest. I don’t know much about him except that he lives in ukraine, and has been very accurate about how the ukraine war would go. other than that, the roundtable I linked to is very much spot on as to the situation in the world right now. He also exposed at least one, shall we say asset of western gov. in the field and warned people about dealing with them . I wonder what the basis of your opinion of him is?
      why don’t you have a listen to the roundtable and tell us where they are wrong, Mr Bond .


  3. NC says:

    Thx 4 the excellent “after dark” Mot20C episode.

    Too bad harry camel toe caste the tie breaking vote to pass bill for higher taxes, IRS audits and DIE (diversity, inclusion and equity).


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