Winners, Losers and Links


MAGA Candidates – Primary wins keep racking up. We will see if Liz Cheney survives soon enough.


Trump – FBI raids are never good. Add in the 1/6 Committee crap, and the attempt to disqualify him from the ballot shapes up.

Deep State – We have no power over them yet they shred some of their remaining credibility with this week’s actions.

Russia – More money pours into Ukraine and new weapons do seem to have slowed down Russian advances.

Euros – Europe prepares for blackout testing as a low gas winter looms.


How could the media decentralize?

NYC’s criminal justice system has collapsed.

Medicine going woke.

Will witnesses finally confirm the TWA 800 conspiracy theory?

Putin is winning the oil war.

Scott Greer covers the bad advice of telling teens to not go to college. It isn’t for everyone but romanticizing blue collar life is bad.

How to dismantle the FBI.

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  1. Nikita says:

    The pro-college argument is very weak. He’s using the tired fallacy that college graduates earn more than HS graduates. Those are different populations. People who have the intelligence, discipline & work ethic to succeed in college have the exact same talent to succeed without college. The value of the degree itself is tenuous at best.

    He ignores the crippling debt burden and opportunity cost. The college graduate has just foregone 4-6 prime years of working, saving and developing real world skills. On top of that, he’s taken on six figures of snowballing debt. It’s a deep financial hole which his marginal earnings advantage will take decades to even out, if ever.


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