The Ladyboy hysteria is chewing up an excessive amount of bandwidth in our society. The “powers at be” know that the average layman detests transgenders. It’s a beautiful ploy set out to distract the masses from the hostile takeover over every aspect of our society and echos the gay couple in 2012 that sought to have a cake made for their wedding, sparking a media firestorm. Social media runs a fever as tradcons clutch their pearls over drag-time story hour. It’s the old adage “give an inch they take a mile” regarding pride parades that have metastasized to every quaint downtown.

It’s no longer pride month but pride 365. It is pathetic to see those who identify as “right-leaning” cannot get the word tranny out of their mouths and are actually watching a documentary called “What Is a Woman?” saying how “based” it is. They should be watching a documentary called “What is a Burkka?” Again the right moves further to the left as the moral compass fails to point in the right direction. But I digress, at the end of the day, if those dearest to you don’t have healthy egos and are from a broken home, it shouldn’t be all that shocking to see people gravitate towards such degeneracy, especially when a specific subculture gets a nod of approval from those who reside in high place. Let’s face it, civil engagement is dead, life’s little novelties are gone and the highlight of people’s week is going out to a microbrewery to on nosh glorified microwave food off a divided dinner tray (how did this become trendy?) and sip tap water out of a mason jar.

For me, I cannot get mad but laugh when I see tips about booster shots being given out by an obese Jew in an admirals uniform because, in other societies, the transgender is a Motley Fool to be laughed at. Hundreds of years ago, they too were to our jesters and were often celebrated during the Feast Fools. This was a feast for such a pent-up rigid society being able to go wild in blasphemous extravagances. We still have the residuals of this holiday in Carnival, Mardi Gras and April fool’s day. It was the court jester’s job to air his grievances of the people in front of a ruling family. Though comical, it should be told that the first to be killed during a revolution is the jester, the comedian, the fool.

I bite my tongue on the topic when some white woman bemoans over Transgender Rights since I was reluctantly culturally enriched in learning about transgenders while living abroad. Most if not all transgenders live shocking lives and experience traumatizing childhoods. The one transgender I became acquainted with was the son of a beautiful woman who is mute and whose cross-dressing son was conceived from brutal gang rape (since she could not speak there was no prosecution). He was raised by his grandmother without having any male influence over his life. Getting to know a transgender from a dispassionate heterosexual point of view is relatively easy because a transgender is still a guy after all and are usually quite poignant in explaining why they choose the ladyboy lifestyle. Roaming his childhood home, I saw pictures of him before he decided to go full-blown drag; he was a good looking young man. I asked him why on earth did you decide to do this to yourself? He points to my girlfriend and says, “I want what she has.”, “Her hands are soft from not working,” “Many people care about her ,nobody cares about me,” “She doesn’t have as many responsibilities as you,” and then he bluntly stated, “I can always suck a d*** to get out of a bad situation.”

As shocking as this may sound, people sometimes seek to change their sex because of advantages and opportunities which, they believe, are enjoyed by the other sex. In the case of males switching genders, it’s hypergamy and open-ended moral leniency whereas in the case with white women they get off with a slap on the wrist for sleeping with students (cue Boomer, “I wish she was my teacher!”). This is a somewhat warped fanatical view of the opposite sex. It includes elements of over-valuation, self-preoccupation, and objectification. It also demonstrates a deficient ability to empathize and a grandiose sense of entitlement (They feel entitled for merely being rather than doing) and omnipotence (“Love is Love”). In a nutshell, they avoid their trueself and force (sodomize) other people in order to feel that they exist.

People with Histrionic Personality Disorder (mostly women) leverage their body, appearance, and sex appeal, to garnish attention and to secure attachment, however fleeting. Sex is used by histrionics to regulate their self-esteem and to cope with their osculating sense of self-worth. Histrionics are inappropriately seductive to say the least.

Some transsexuals have an urge to become a woman and, thus, to be rendered the object of their own desire (autogynephilia). In other words, they are so sexually attracted to themselves that they wish to become both lovers in the romantic equation. It’s the end all form of self-indulgent fantasy.

This feeling of entitlement is a staple in American culture, whether it be Boomers or Gen Z. The transgender is a byproduct of this inter-generational zeitgeist. They feel that it is their inalienable right to receive sex change operations or hormonal therapy on demand and without restrictions. Oftentimes they refuse to undergo any psychological evaluation prior to invasive treatment.

Suffice to say, Gender Dysphoria is the result of a broken, fatherless home. Women abrogate their responsibilities (as noted by the illiterate tranny) of motherhood to experts and the psychotherapist clergy, which now see this as the new revenue stream since pediatricians in the past were the lowest paid of all the doctors in the medical field because kids don’t get sick. Munchausen by proxy is also at play. Nobody cares what a post-wall instathot single mother has to say but, everyone cares about children.

So what’s the underlying cause of why parents find it perfectly acceptable to expose their children to drag-time story hour or why do we see such a rise in people who identify as transgender?

From my own experiences, I point to South East Asia:

Thailand has not seen an external threat or invading force since the 2nd Siamese–Vietnamese war in 1841, a war that resulted in a tie and, prior to that, the loss of the 1st Siamese-Vietnamese War. With beautiful climate for agriculture, prostitution legalized and an impoverished countryside. Why not throw a pair of high-heels and wear a skimpy outfit and service some debauched middle-aged Europeans flushed with cash, considering a man does not have to fight off a maundering horde of invaders, get his hands dirty for $200 a month, work in a factory. or plant rice in 100-degree weather? The country has been stratified as far as wealth goes. This makes maladaptive heterosexual males, especially those sexually abused, more likely to pick such a path so detrimental to themselves. One must realize the idea that more “primitive” societies are “okay” with having basic needs met is a fallacy and downright laughable to anyone who spent some time in a third world countryside. People in underdeveloped nations yearn for a better life and material wealth. Young women are eager to blow what little money they have on high-end makeup to help boost their chances of finding a man who is well off financially. Why do you think knock-offs are so popular?

Suppose we look at Thailand’s neighbors like Cambodia and Vietnam; neither has a significant “out of the closet” transgender population (you might disappear for coming out in Vietnam). The reason being is simple. Both nations experienced multiple invasions, revolution, genocide and famine all within a short time span. You can’t be putting on makeup when you are being blasted back to the stone age or starving. Nor would descendants of such upheaval allow perversions of the sexes. Prostitution is illegal in both these countries but legal in Thailand which plays a part in gender dysphoria.

Men know men. Men do not know women but know what they want a woman to be; women do not know women (let alone themselves) and women only know men want sex but do not know how to cater to man’s subconscious. Men will not share their deep emotions for a plethora of reasons, but grandmothers used to give their granddaughters “the talk” on how to seek a good man to form a stable relationship with. But grandma’s dead or talking to a curtain in a “retirement community.” If men know men and the pandora’s box has been opened for it to be morally acceptable to identify as a woman. Then the transgender will cater to a man’s emotional needs and wants giving the term “Bromance” a whole new meaning. Women will not only lose to men in sports but will lose in the dating sphere as well.

The rise in people who are self-identifying as transgender offsets the lack of available women and further lower male aggression. Giving the ruling class a better sense of security from an unruly mob. Point in case we can again look at Thailand being the first country to partially recognize “the 3rd gender” right after a military coup.

Side note: In Thailand, military service is compulsory and Kathoeys (transgenders) are classified as mentally disabled and cannot serve.

Our rulers want us interchangeable and fungible. It’s wild to see how easy it is for them to tell us to reject our own image and embrace one of a cross-dresser. This ideal clown image is that of an over-effeminate, narcissistic, boorish cross-dressing lunatic. If we don’t see a violent uprising, a quick steep drop in living standards that affects those who push the Transgender Industrial Complex, or war, we will continue to see the rise of such sexual regressions. Unfortunately, those who genuinely care about mental health are berated for “trans hate” and will be silenced. It’s a sad state of affairs, no doubt, but for many of us, we can take pleasure in watching the snake of feminism begins to eat its own head.

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  1. jdothandle says:

    Great article.
    You might also consider that those ladyboys will suddenly have a purpose as men outside of manual labor and financially supporting women (and likely being at the bottom of the value hierarchy). So they would never see it as a valuable option, regardless of how they would be treated legally. Yet the powers that be want docile cattle, and if they can’t be put in chains in the market, they want them feminized and submissive.

    Also, they want the right worked up about trangenders in sports, because it’s a distraction, and it’s another case of men being expected to protect women from the consequences of their choices. Feminism created transgenderism, because if men are effectively the same as women, then why can’t they be interchanged? Yet they scream for male protection, and men jump to their defense, saving feminism as even the stronger men always seem to do.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Lamprey Milt says:

    Also, they want the right worked up about trangenders in sports, because it’s a distraction, and it’s another case of men being expected to protect women from the consequences of their choices.

    Excellent point.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cade says:

    > Women will not only lose to men in sports but will lose in the dating sphere as well.

    This was a popular sentiment in 2014, as a result of r9k becoming mainstream. The reason it isn’t anymore is because people have seen trannies in real life. They don’t pass, and no amount of “emotional understanding” will change that. A man who wants a man to have pillow talk with will just go gay (which is more dignified than boffing a troon, at least), and a normal man will just seek out a friendship.


  4. Lamprey Milt says:

    A man who wants a man to have pillow talk with will just go gay <<<Wrong. Your occam razor is dull and rusty
    No idea wtf a boofing and troon is. Sounds pretty gay.

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  5. Hike says:

    Cernovich f*cked a ladyboy and turned out ok


    1. info says:

      You don’t see the marks on his soul.


  6. NC says:

    What is it with the pole smoking/pedo articles of late?


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