Winners, Losers and Links


Green Scams – The Inflation Reduction Act is a green bill. Let the environmental scams flow.

Landlords – Market pricing juices a lot of poor return properties.


University of Tennessee – Curriculum gets a DEI mandate in a state where the state legislature does act against woke policies. Possible showdown looms.

Vaxxed – CDC concedes a bunch of covid points and the vaxxed are the bag-holders. No special protection and all the side effect downside.

Pregnant vaxxed women – Miscarriages in studies. This could be the cause of those TFR drops across the West.


The right’s form of cancel culture is very specific and very useful for the regime.

How bad is crime?

More people writing about dismantling our praetorian guard.

No really, they’re writing about the praetorian guard as a Stasi.

The mRNA vax is not good for young hearts.

Assume health research is fraudulent.

Advice for the young.

Under the surface of Minnesota’s crime stats.

Public school enrollment down by 2 million.

A growing social problem that is only going to get worse.

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  1. Steak says:

    The Newsweek article was shockingly…based. And they have open comments! Did we enter a new timeline?


  2. NC says:

    MN crime! Gee, Bantus commit more crime than others. Shocker there! Kurt Russel is coming out with his 3rd installment of “snake” plisken trilogy. Escape from MINNI-APPLE!


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