Winners, Losers and Links


College Debtors – Enjoy a slight shaving off your principal.

Universities – More borrowing capacity for students!

Prime Ministers Who Party – Be young and female, not oafish and male. Looking sexy while partying and some tears makes it go away.


European manufacturers – Energy costs making forward planning difficult and shutting down some firms.

The Right – Reacting poorly to the partial debt jubilee. Also revealing how their coalition cannot get goodies due to its makeup.

Vax Pushers – The media is slowly pointing out the downsides to the vax. Will there be accountability? Some scapegoats will be found. How strong is Pfizer vs. other interest groups?


Actual interviews with troops who fought in Ukraine.

Why is America involved in Ukraine?

Diversification of British forces may hurt them.

Erik Prince wants to sell you a secure Mossad phone. Read deep down for who is behind it.

USA vs. China in Taiwan, a rundown.

The hits on Twitter keep coming.

Liz Cheney’s ordeal as a humiliation ritual?

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  1. Bradolf Pitler says:

    Why the hell would consider the greyzone to be a trusted news source? Max Blumenthal owns it and I can’t believe that you guys would trust that levantine.


    1. Peter Whitaker says:

      You call him a levantine but he has blond hair and blue eyes. His physiognomy is not obviously sinister.


    2. Daniel Ross says:

      Not all Jews lie all the time.

      It is the sort of intransigent stupidity you display that keeps the right from being taken seriously.


  2. NC says:

    Well you can’t resettle Khazaria with Goyim still living there can you?

    With the $$$ being submarined by the elites, BRICS will rise with LAN at the top and Bear s as butt buddy.

    Who cares about the Dike Rhino losing in WY. That gene pool needs to be eliminated anyways.

    Thx 4 the new Mot20C episode. Just need the 3.5 hours to listen too this weekend. 2 min teaser was cool. Still suspect it is 007 Quantum of Solace water scam……


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