Winners, Losers and Links


Oil exporters – Money printing should offset demand destruction and keep prices elevated.

Headline Writers – Demand for new euphemisms for black criminals skyrocketing.

Candle makers – Europeans will be reading by candlelight this winter.


White Joggers – No pity from the regime like Armed Robbery of Georgia.

Northern Europeans – Cold winter and energy costs make for a dark future. Dark since they won’t be able to afford electricity bills.


Steve Kirsch is all over the correlation of vax rollout and delayed death spikes.

The financial superbubbles final act.

Maybe Sodom was wiped out by God.

Hysterical left wing take on black flight. It is a combination of annoying and comical.

Since 2008 the government response to everything is a bailout. Everything getting bigger means too big to fail applies everywhere.

White liberals support the pro-criminal propaganda even more than non-white liberals.

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  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    >What’s Causing Black Flight?
    >By Jerusalem Demsas

    Maybe I’ll name my kid Detroit.


  2. NC says:

    Well on the PAX-when will we see that 10th of 10% that become ferral……..

    Tunguska-we know from the ancient sand scrips, there was a nuke war ~ 10-12k ago in asia. Why not other parts of the world?

    The “police” are not your friend ever. Bullies for the state


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