Winners, Losers and Links


Ukrainian Military – Appears a counteroffensive is taking territory back. Wins will earn them more billions in aid.

Raytheon – That Ukrainian aid will take the form of military hardware.


Ukrainian Civilians – Russia started hitting infrastructure targets.

Investors – Inflation still rough so more rate hikes are coming.

College Students – Universities still demanding boosters to be on campus.


Michael Anton explains that the overlords are elite but not experts.

The CCP can learn from a Stalinist one party state that changed with the times but retained control of their nation: Mexico.

If or when the globalists fail, what comes next?

A legal test of woke hiring practices takes shape.

Legal weed did not end the illegal drug trade in California. It did bring back slavery.

The Pentagon hires an equity commissar. Let’s take a look at her posting career. What could go wrong?

A new look at the WQ.

On starting a cult.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. jdothandle says:

    Anton should think more carefully about who would want to destroy European civilization.


    1. Daniel Ross says:

      You mean he should say it? Because it’s too obvious to necessitate much thought…


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