Winners, Losers and Links


Sports Enthusiasts – Tis the season for baseball playoffs, NCAA football and the NFL. Do your best to block out the hefty dose of woke messaging. NFL proudly supports National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Commodity Exporters – Even in a downturn, nations will be scrambling for energy sources due to sanctions.


Long term bond holders – Yield curve looking a little silly.

1/6 Attendees – The arrests keep trickling out. There is no end to this until the statute of limitations is up, and even then, DOJ likely to break the rules if they can slap treason on it (by 2025 they may feel protected enough).


Darren Beattie gives a fire interview.

Every little geopolitical hot spot is ramping up.

Gates & Co ran the covid response show.

Ethereum selling out?

What is America’s blackest city like? This has to be real to be believed. A real Wakanda.

A man walks free after a murder conviction despite strong circumstantial evidence that a jury believed because >checks notes< a true crime podcast found a potential alibi witness that even acquaintances believed she was lying.

They are turning on current antidepressant medications in normie media channels so what comes next?

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