Winners, Losers and Links


Italians – Small hope that a new government may address some of the globalist attacks on their people.

The American Empire – Russia retreating in Ukraine and the EU stays in line.

Market Shorts – Financial markets reeling as the FED isn’t stopping. In February, pundits said increases were priced in… nope.


Germans – If there is no Nordstream action, there is no chance they can finagle a gas reprieve in the near future.

Dissidents – If you discuss anything that is counter to the approved narrative, prepare for DARPA funded analysis.


The government is not restricting your speech. It’s only private orgs doing what the governor wants to get your vendors to restrict your speech.

The government privatized censorship. The public/private distinction is a mirage.

Who sabotaged the pipelines?

A review of how Walmart and big box stores swallowed retail.

The GWOT is over. Let’s retire the old methods.

The left has an awesome ngo complex for fortifying elections.

Comply or face poverty.

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  1. NC says:

    1st-thx for the latest Mot20C episode!
    2nd-the Lexicon is ever shrinking, just need to continue to use banned words. Because the new “sensitive” words are going to be changed constantly. Retarded is a good one “less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one’s age.”.
    3-Call the tranny’s put for what they are; Possessed Daemons!
    4-If you are not heterosexual = can’t reproduce = has to recruit = Daemon.
    5-Anyone that claims to be a “socialist, progressive, libertarian” is just a communist in disguise or does not know better.
    6-Communists are fascists are communists.
    7-rememeber family 1st



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