Winners, Losers and Links


The American Empire – Ukraine counteroffensive going well & Europe keeps taking its economic lumps. Might feel emboldened to cause trouble for OPEC nations.

Minority Med School Applicants – The Lysenkoism will continue and standards will be lowered until we reach Idiocracy levels of surgical competence.

Twitter Employees – Looks like Musk will buy Twitter. There will be trembling & shaking. Might even see some self-harm.


Drivers – Fatalities & accidents are up as gas prices rise & white collar firms order employees back into the office.

Narrative Makers – If Musk does complete the sale and any slight semblance of evenhandedness is applied to Twitter, it will make the narrative crafters’ job very difficult. Twitter is no longer a place to go to click a link or find something that is posted elsewhere. It is the space.

American Indians – Whenever Steve Sailer posts American stats broken out by racial groups, the recent changes in scores or metrics show a sharp decline for American Indians. After the brief spotlight on them in the ‘70s, the only time they matter is if they can be used to block a pipeline.


Revolver did a dive into the Biden admin’s attack on Confederate war memorials.

As goes the pound, so goes the euro?

How to fix academia from an insider’s view. Good luck with that.

Mayans exposure to mercury was unusual. Possible mad hatter effects.

Pre-med students eject a distinguished chemistry professor. Enjoy your bad docs in 2035.

It really is going to be a nightmare for medicine.

Continuing a trend that began with the 2018 midterms, the Democrats are nominating more candidates from the intelligence community.

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