Winners, Losers and Links


Handlers – First Biden, now Fetterman. The puppet masters can choose sacks of potatoes and be certain of at least 49% of the vote.

Zelensky – Full backing by the West includes Hollywood green screen film shoots, never-ending money and puff pieces despite constantly calling for escalating the proxy war against a nuclear power.


Vaxxed – Pfizer admits it never tested for preventing transmission.

Unvaxxed – Vax mandates still apply despite new revelations about vaccine. It is about control & compliance.

Saudi Arabia – The empire is itching to do something for the defiance shown by the Saudis. It’s midterms, and the Saudis are not helping the Democrats.


Latino LA Council members caught not being good white liberals in their private thoughts.

Paypal announces $2500 fines for bad speak, retracts it as a mistake but leaves the language in their terms.

The Hindu right wing leans on Bollywood.

Anton on the weird way someone will smear you as a Nazi but expect you to still be cordial.

Greer cites Toynbee to point to our spot in decline.

A little fun here as someone suggest Noahpinion fight in the Donbas.

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