Winners, Losers and Links


Arms Dealers – Russia buying Iranian drones. America funding massive purchases for Ukraine & Taiwan. Business is booming.

Homeschoolers – Don’t need to be vaxxed to be taught at home.

Cash holders – Market hammered. Whispers of a crash. Short term rates keep climbing. Something has to break.


Kids in states following CDC recs – Recommending the vax for kids means states that require standard vaccines will be forced to jab. This puts millions at risk for short and long term side effects for faux protection from an illness that poses no risk to them.

Home-buyers – Prices sticky yet mortgages now cracking 7%. A recession should depress new home supply, hurting any chance for relief.

Liz Truss – She at least can brag about the shortest PM term of all time. She got to meet with two monarchs!


Nuns using Bitcoin. It’s real.

Cities still feel empty despite the lift in covid restrictions.

French general praises the unvaxxed.

America may experience a capex boom, which will feel good for years, but then hit stagnation once the misallocation of capital hits.

Scott Locklin on the NPC and its history.

Alan Moore hated The Watchmen tv show. So did anyone not Current Year compliant.

Did the FBI disappear a journalist?

FED hikes set off a debt avalanche.

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  1. Vxxc says:

    Dear RS Rolling Stone,

    Re; Meeks

    At least you got Trump.


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