Winners, Losers And Links


Dr. Oz – Even if he loses the race, he looked so good on TV at his debate that he can slide back to a media role easy.

The Blob – The progressive wing asked to sort of scale back in Ukraine and backtracked within 24 hours.

Elon Musk – The sale is closing. Now the adventure begins.


Twitter Employees – The old way ends, and maybe their jobs do as well.

Fetterman – He proves to be another indicator that politicians are salesmen and real power lies elsewhere.

New Yorkers – Lee Zeldin showed what an out of touch tyrant is nominally in charge of NY, but the one party state might have big enough vote banks to block him from the governor’s seat.


Revolver covers Kari Lake and discusses how a non-country club GOP could look.

The origins of Drag Queen Story Hour are worse than you thought.

Where did all that covid school spending go?

Where did the tweeters go? Uhhh Twitter banned them.

The campus SJW behavior spread.

(Paywall) The housing bust has begun.

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