Winners, Losers and Links


Big Tech Shorts – Bad stretch for Big Tech. Even mighty Amazon took a big hit.

Gavin Newsom – Depending on how rough the midterms go, calls to have a new D ticket for ‘24 will grow and he is the best hope they have.

Oil bulls – Those SPR releases will end once midterms are done.


Twitter bluechecks – $8 a month to keep your checkmark. Also opens up others to get a bluecheck for just $8 so diminishing the status buff current blueticks enjoy.

Twitter Employees – Elon is laying off many to create savings. They might already know how to code.

Middle managers – As layoffs start, they will be targeted first as work from home showed many aren’t necessary to keep employees productive.


Putin’s latest speech. It is a sales pitch.

Data analytics ruined everything.

The cartels and forces behind the fentanyl problem.

US intel agencies worked directly with social media to censor nonstop.

Elvis Chan was the man doing that dirty censoring.

Is the US regime fragile?

America’s woke military might not be up to the task of fighting… but watching Russia in Ukraine, who is a threat to them?

RFK Jr has a panel to discuss what’s going on with flu data.

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  1. disemelevatorized says:

    That “translation” of putins speech is not a translation and is full of idiotic commentary by the “translator”


  2. Vxxc says:

    It’s delusional to believe Russia is losing in Ukraine. They already accomplished their goals in Luhansk and Donestk.

    The Ukrainians are conscripting 60 year olds. They have no air, are massively overmatched in all categories.

    The Russians are playing the same slow, sure game they’ve been playing since Syria, indeed since the Slavs drove back the Mongols.

    As to American military; unlike DC, the American military is aware of its actual shortcomings and will adapt as best they can. As to the hysteria about women and trannys- it’s hysteria. If trannys in uniform exist they’re in DC in front of the cameras.

    Its a mistake to judge either military by the media or commentariat.

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