Winners, Losers and Links


Democrats- They flexed all the ballot harvesting and procedural power they have to secure tight, 50/50 races. They will continue to do so until forced to stop.

Florida – No statewide offices in D hands. Internal migration likely moved them to the safe red column.

DeSantis – He will get a huge boost. Maybe someone in another red state will copy his moves. Hello, Bueller?

Woke – No slowing down the woke train. No repudiation at the polls.


Non-woke Americans – See above, woke will keep on implementing policy.

Swing state Republicans – RNC playing checkers while DNC playing chess. Won’t cut it.

Trafalgar Polling – Huge misses. They nailed ‘16-‘21. This season they missed in some states by double digits.

Russian Military – Can’t point to a single positive right now. Lame duck funding for Ukraine on the horizon, too.


Anatomy of a psyop.

Virologists need to be stopped. Always asking can we, not should we.

Revealing account of the Millenial Left. They are all radical, it’s just crazy radical or commie radical.

Sober commentary on American weapons procurement.

It is all about ballot harvesting, not voting.

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  1. Vxxc says:

    I don’t think you understand the Russian military or war.

    I’m not Russian, I study them as potential opponents.

    Their objectives are largely achieved, indeed by absorbing the Russian speaking areas exceeded.

    Giving ground you don’t want so their opponent the Ukrainians can send infantry and vehicles into artillery blasts isn’t defeat.


  2. miforest says:

    sorry to see the agiprop about russia . they have completely rolled up the ukrainian “offensive” , and given them some real estate back that will be within range of Russian artillery. if the ukrainians fall into the trap of moving forces into that region , they will be sitting ducks . The casualties admitted by even the ukrainian government are staggering . horrendous loss of life in a war they never had any hope of winning . have a listen to this with an open mind


  3. Gnillik Yot says:

    Stop drinking the Russian Kool aid. They’re getting humiliated badly. Even Russia Today admitted They’re losing. Nice job putting yourselves in a corner siding with a traditional enemy of the West.


  4. miforest says:

    YOT , they are only the traditional enemy of a certain portion of the west, that portion making up our Neocon war mongers.
    I guess you believe all of our media propaganda? the same media that tells us we have the worlds cleanest elections and that FTX is a great investment . se guys don’t look that credible to me.


    1. stallard0 says:

      Or perhaps they are our “traditional enemy” because they were the seat of power of an enemy political bloc under what once was a creed antithetical to our way of life, and despite regime change, we remain geopolitical rivals? Why is childish, black-and-white thinking and self-defeatism so endemic to our people’s way of thinking that both “leftists” and “rightists” manage to convince themselves to bat for genuinely hostile nations that would not balk at genociding us because of some fantasy of waving an ideological banner with leaders who increasingly define their rule on ethno-nationalist lines against Us? I don’t have a sliver of regard for Zelensky or his merry band of Fellow Ukrainians, but the other side hates us and wishes we were dead as much as every traitor within our walls.


  5. sam says:

    Yot , Russia is not the enemy until congress decides to declare war on Russia. Lets not speed it . NYTimes and the media are not in charge of declaring war.


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