The Totally Contrived Youth Sub-Culture as a Weapon

Part-2 (Transforming Clandestine-Military Youth to Hippie Rock Stars)  

Deracination of the Masses:  When an oligarchy uproots or deracinates the masses from their natural geographical, historical, literary, social, familial, religious and or cultural environment- leaving them cast adrift from what has gone before- the masses have no way to resist. Leaving these lost souls unable to gauge their lives, leaving no way available to reference anything, as it is all replaced with everchanging and pointless fashion. The masses cannot rebel if they are unable to articulate what is wrong and how to correct it.

Analogy:  It is like a sailor with a compass that spins in circles never pointing to true north, with no skills to man the boat and no understanding of the stars and no land in sight.  So are the deracinated youth.

Weird Weapons of the Hippies

With the Boomer Generation moving on to being less dominate as the master of social significance, we can now look at the hidden aspects that allowed for this generation to play such a big role in being used by those in power to deracinate traditional culture, morality and ideas.

The key book to breaking the back of the traditional version of the hippies, yuppies and boomers is; “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & The Dark Heart of The Hippie Dream” by McGowan.

There are just too many uncanny coincidences and intriguing links between many 60s musicians living in close proximity to a place called Lookout Mountain Laboratories, which was a military/intelligence complex.

McGowan’s tour du force shows undeniably that the 60s counterculture movement was manufactured in order to undermine the growing anti-war movement. McGowan readily admits to loving this era of music in his youth. His reluctance to be drawn by facts into the ever growing and unhappy realization that it was all constructed, at the key points, and that there was little to nothing grassroots about this whole era comes as a sad cold fact. This is surely to disillusion anyone who has tied their soul to this guru-spiritual world of the 60s, therefore there are some people that are unreachable on the subject. Still for those who can use critical thinking and connect the dots, please be prepared to take the real red pill in having the world drop its walls of illusion.

The anti-war movement, prior to the 60s cultural OD, was middle class in its appeal of young people wearing ties and suits, who were sobber and articulate, that came from a long line of traditions that were from the America First Movement prior in WWII, and the League to Enforce Peace, Quakers, Mennonites, Amish and Old German Baptist Brethren prior to the WWI.

Splinting the Classes in New Ways

From this conservative and religious anti-war heritage, we then went to long hair, drugs, promiscuous sex, shrinks-know-best, psychedelic music (which is a created term by the elites) and to supporting socialism and communism of a totalitarian kind. Surely looking at this we see what has been covered earlier in my work on Jordan Peterson (the Gatekeeper), how the new Fabianistic socialist/communist cause was designed to divide the democratic middle class from modest reforms that had some socialist ideas, like Conservative German Chancellor Bismarck had created in Germany.

Hardly a lefttard, Bismarck allowed programs including health insurance, accident insurance (workman’s compensation), disability insurance and an old-age retirement pension that followed the worker from job to job. These moderate reforms of the left, by a conservative on the right, allowed Germany to excel well past any rival towards its working standards, and thus marginalized masonic leftist organizations (headquartered in Fabianite London) to pout at the fringes of the culture until the latest stages of WWI. The British NWO so feared the superior economy of the Germans that it was decided to lure them to war by any means available. Therefore making war on Germany instead of competing with Germany to have better production and products. You can still see this in the quality of goods out of Germany today. If you were able to take away the political totalitarian socialism at the EU and Bundestag levels, you would again see a flowering of German methods for all the world to copy. This is a big fear of the Anglo-Zionist based NWO, as they see Germany and Russia cooperation as their biggest threat, and this has been their biggest bugaboo for 2 centuries. So the hitting of the Norstream Pipeline and pushing for war again is now old hat. All the world wars have been started by the same family trees who run national banks, and mean to bring in a world digital currency that will do even more to hamper the masses freedom.

The original liberals of England were one of the first to be targeted by the oligarchy and so were separated from the working class by a new kind of socialism. This led to totalitarian ideas by Marx and his secret society buddies, like Engels (Mr. Moneybags), hidden amongst many an organization (Freemasons, Fabianites, Young European Movements, Progressives and brotherhoods like Scull & Bones, the Pilgrims Society etc.), who would distort the cause by splitting the Unions, Christian Charities and middle class from the totalitarian following working class. “Bourgeoise” means middle-class in French. So every time you hear this term in past leftist slogans and books you have to ask yourself, “Why were they not attacking fully the oligarchy and imperialists back then- or even now?” They should have tried to sway the middle-class to their version of a worker’s paradise, should they not? The reason was the oligarchy wanted to split the workers from the middle-class back then, just as you see being done now with Wokism. Wokism splits those who will try to stay hip with whatever is the fashionable leftist slogan of the day, from those that will feel the shame in their reluctance to becoming a conservative liberal, or embarrassingly a new conservative. Since such people have been taught through the MSM to follow emotions over logic, they will wrongly feel like a traitor towards the leftist causes to date, and be full game for attacks from their former sisters in the leftist cause.

Sex, Drugs & Division

The creation of the Hippies in the 60s peace movement had the same splitting effect of the middle class. From the average person having sympathy for being anti-war, you then had to also grow your hair long, do drugs and use jargon that has been lost to time (chick: young woman, the man: authority figure, heavy: deeply spiritual, pig: cop, trippin: high on drugs etc.).

As we see from McGowan’s book, poorly playing musicians are another hallmark of this new trend, that had the Wreaking Crew really compose and play the music for many to most of the albums of then famous puppets on strings. Today we can see the results of this as professional musicianship has gotten lower and lower. We now have boy toy bands that do not compose their own music, nor narrate their own lyrics, nor organize their own choreography, nor choose their own clothes and decide their own band membership. If the gossip is accurate, they do not even choose who they have sex with as they are passed around between dirty old men, and there like, in the music industry and power circles.  

McGowan points out that a number of the Laurel Canyon groups were created in short order and in a new region. Today we do not think twice about L.A. being a center of music, but when did it start? How did it start? Why did it start? Well, in this book it shows you how you have been duped.

McGowan starts by digging into the backgrounds of Laurel Canyon’s famous musical residents. He reveals that a staggering number of the “most prominent members” had parents with ties to U.S. military or intelligence communities. Notable names include: Jim Morrison; Frank Zappa; Joni Mitchell; John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas; David Crosby and Stephen Stills of Crosby, Stills & Nash; along with members of the Eagles and the Byrds to name some highlights.  

Think about this for a moment, if you wanted to stage a cultural change and needed people to do their part you might want to go to military brass and their underlings, and try to get them to get their children into this game, as they have been reconditioning themselves through endless methods to be good little new soldiers of the Prussian “yes men” kind – as I covered in my Cowboys & Cossacks articles. Breaking people down and rebuilding them up is what the west has been doing ever since the Prussian Education System was created to make good unquestioning soldiers. It was just these military & clandestine services’ children, of such ambitious insiders, that were more prone to doing as directed, that would get to be rock stars to boot! Surely not a hard sell for young military brats, but it also had a cost as these puppeteer stars have had untimely deaths too.

There is such an unmistakeable number of background information on so many in this classic book, that it is hard to dismiss his investigations at all. Here is a sampling of some of those musicians. These future rock’n’roll icons all arrived in the remote region “near simultaneously” in the mid-1960s. Their sudden appearance is not puzzling to us now, and McGowan struggles to pinpoint a motive for the congregation then, noting “there was no music industry in Los Angeles… no live music scene to speak of… no discernible reason” to arrive to at that time.

Just a few detailed examples of an unnervingly very long list:

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was the son of Admiral George Stephen Morrison the commander of the U.S. warships that have now been acknowledge to have been in a black flag event, when they were falsely attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin, and due to this, propelled the escalation of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. This has recently been shown to have been false by US military communication transcripts. In order to avoid disclosing his inconvenient relation to a high-ranking member of the armed forces, Jim often told reporters that his father was dead.

The book shows a photo of a preppy-looking Jim Morrison standing next to his father on the bridge of one of the warships in early 1964.

In 1967, a mere three years later, after the release of his album Doors, Morrison, would be asking the world to “‘break on through to the other side” and “light my fire” on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Morrison mastered little more than a tambourine and a microphone, stating that the majority of his song’s lyrics were composed during the course of a summer spent tripping on LSD. This anecdote hardly provides any explanation as to how he became such a prolific songwriter in the span of only a few months. Maybe Jason Bourne has the answer?

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa, a Laurel Canyon resident and founder of the Mothers of Invention, was not anti-establishment as people thought. In fact, Zappa has been quoted saying pro-military statements, and as “the son of a chemical warfare specialist with a top security clearance at Edgewood Arsenal near Baltimore, Maryland” (where young Frank spent the first few years of his life) this is not as odd as one would think. Coincidentally, Edgewood also happens to be the official headquarters for many of the government’s MK-ULTRA mind control experiments. Zappa later materialized in Laurel Canyon in the late-1960s without having any compelling reason to do so. Adding a cherry to the top of the synchronicity sundae is Frank’s wife, Gail, who also hailed from a military family. Funny enough, she happened to cross paths at a young age with fellow future hippie, Jim Morrison—they both attended the same Naval kindergarten class before reuniting decades later in Laurel Canyon. McGowan finds all these facts totally unsettling, describing the series of events as “too many coincidences… to be a chance gathering.”

Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills was the cofounder of two Laurel Canyon bands of Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Mr. Stills spent large spans of time of his childhood in El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama, where the U.S. engaged in covert operations. David Crosby, a descendant of three interrelated families — the Van Cortlandts, Van Rensselaers, and the Van Skylars — came from a prestigious family tree of Revolutionary and Civil War generals, judges, senators, congressmen, and governors.

John Phillips

John Phillips was leader of the Mamas and the Papas. Phillips was the son of a career Marine Corp. officer. His mother and sister were all career defense department employees. And his first wife, also a defense department employee, was a direct descendant of John Adams.

Location, Location, Location

Lookout Mountain Laboratories in the middle Laurel Canyon LA., was a top-secret U.S. Air Force installation that had existed until at least 1969, it has remained almost unknown till McGowan’s book, “even to conspiracy theorists.” He has argued at some point, it morphed into a studio that created for the Air Force (between 1947 and 1969) classified motion pictures involving atomic-bomb tests. McGowan said, however, that he believed it was used for more than that since it was the world’s largest fully functioning film studio, capable of animation, editing, sound stages, film vaults. “Everything to make a film, from soup to nuts. Obviously, there was a lot more going on there than was acknowledged. Whether we’ll ever know the full scope of what was being done at this facility is an open question.”


There is so much more, but you need to read the book to see the scope of what has been done to this generation, and very likely all later generations ever since.

McGowan has a theory. It involves members of the intelligence community and an attempt to socially engineer a generation of Americans. He argues that the ‘hippie crowd’ was deliberately manufactured to serve as controlled opposition and a conduit for large-scale mind control operation with LSD. Using anti-war celebrities and singers as puppets, government agents with a vested interest in the war-industry, could then allow one to dictate the ‘other side’s’ talking points (Hegelian Dialectic). By infiltrating popular culture, they could leverage music and film to promote specific behaviors and attitudes to a captive audience. The mantra of ‘Sex, Drugs, and Rock’n’Roll’ became a way to placate a Sixties Generation on the precipice of social upheaval.

Amazingly, unlike Elvis and Muhammad Ali , there was a strong propensity for Canyon-dwellers to avoid the military draft too, at the height of the war; the surprising number of music clubs that opened ‘just in time’ to popularize and publicize marginally-talented Laurel Canyon artists; or the mysterious and grisly deaths plaguing many of the musicians’ circles may seem like chance sequences or unrelated coincidences—but to McGowan they are fully worthy of much investigation. The central question of his book becomes a rhetorical one: “How many coincidences does it take to make a conspiracy?”

After spending his life writing conspiracy literature, Dave McGowan’s death was haunted by conspiracy theories also. Questions about the true nature of his untimely passing quickly circulated. It all seemed ‘too coincidental’ to be a random occurrence. He had a rich history of detailing secret plots by criminal elements within the world’s power structure—an inherently risky undertaking. This led some fans to speculate that he was somehow secretly infected with the incurable form of cancer that ended his life as a way to silence his research.

Contributing to the mystery was an ominous online comment that was posted months prior to Dave’s cancer diagnosis: “… this David McGowan fella really ought to quit smoking. With all the elitist feathers he’s ruffling, he’s likely to come down with a spontaneous case of hitherto undiagnosed stage 4 inoperable Pancreatic cancer.”

To those who say, “If these conspiracies were real there would be more people coming forward.” They have come forward, and you failed to notice and they have even paid the ultimate price. The least you could do is take the time to see their work- unfiltered by anyone else.

Honor with or without U

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  1. CommenterX says:

    The USAF film studio in Laurel Canyon became a rehab facility and more recently Jared Leto’s house.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. stallard0 says:

    The late McGowan’s work unfortunately appears to be useful research marred by intellectual shackles resulting in bizarre and warped conclusions. Somehow I don’t think the manufactured “counter-“culture of the 60s, aimed at our upper-crust youths, and which was characterized by exhortations to “drop out” of society, harbor disdain for authority and respectable society , engage in soul- and body-destroying degeneracy, and embrace anti-American leftism, had as its objective improving war-readiness against the Cong. Pop music was manufactured garbage, and the upper echelons of the military and intelligence agencies were subverted before the 60s. I’m sure many readers will see that bit-playing, old money Dutchmen are red herrings when looking for real power and motives anyway.

    I really don’t know how to respond to the other historical assertions, but appropriating socialism has never been very useful for the right, even accounting for the modest success of Right-Sorellianism when socialism was having its moment in the 19th and 20th centuries.


    1. timocrat3 says:

      I would ask you to look at socialism before the Freemasonic Fabinists got involved with Marx and big pockets Engels. Totalitarianism was not a strike condition, they just wanted a living wage and children out of the factory, and that is what the Christian allies wanted too.


      1. stallard0 says:

        I’m familiar with e.g. the Chartists, and I don’t see any great desire or need to wed myself or anyone else to their legacy, without condemning them particularly. And certainly not to the poison chalice that is socialism, which we could never saddle comfortably, especially when absolutely nobody is interested in Spengler’s dreary routine. As I said, socialism’s moment’s over; the median worker is a middle-aged woman who answers the phone for AT&T, not a rough-and-tumble stevedore.


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