Forget DeSantis vs. Trump, Just Harvest

The right wing pundit class cashed their checks and pivoted to pummeling Trump for the Midterm letdown. Clear the way for DeSantis! Forget it, GOP Inc pundit, it’s the age of hyper-ballot stuffing.

Nothing matters if the GOP does not attempt to rollback vote by mail, challenge it in court with lawsuits or to build a ground game for vote by mail in applicable states. Look at the electoral vote map; swing states and VBM states are an intractable problem. The ’24 nominee does not matter if this is unaddressed. DeSantis, Trump, Jesus himself… it does not matter.

Brainstorming here but we know the problems and can envision:

• Considering the governors and legislatures in charge of VBM states, ending the VBM system is impossible. The attempt then must be to build VBM infrastructure.

• This would be to be on a granular level. County GOPs would be a logical start.

• County GOPs would need to identify individuals who could offer their time for such a task. All state parties and campaigns have donor lists and mailing lists. Even small time programs like Ryan Girdusky’s school board candidate network has lists of energized right wingers with time and desire to do this.

• Individuals would have to be paid for the month or six weeks prior to election day that VBM is allowed per state. There are non-profit allowances for such entities to aide voter outreach.

• States to target are Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Those are the four swing states. VBM states with competitive congressional districts are other targets, but lower priority.

• Due to size and electoral vote value, Michigan and Pennsylvania are the states to focus on with Nevada and Arizona secondary. Michigan’s gubernatorial race was distressing but unsurprising as Whitmer had two leading GOP candidates (one who polled ahead of her) procedurally disqualified before the primary.

• Pay for such individuals should be incentive based on votes they collect. This cannot just be a new grift for the party insiders, and the party loves to grift. Volunteers are always welcome to expand the network.

• The nonprofit for this should have a harmless name like Vote Accessibility Advocates, Expanding the Vote, etc.

• GOP is at a disadvantage due to lack of voter density/concentration. Rural does not mean random homes in the middle of nowhere but the small towns that dot our nation. For density, first targets should be nursing homes and assisted living centers. Individuals should have a script for when they engage with potential voters.

• Unrelated but related to combatting the potential fraud & VBM system: timelines. No VBM window opens before a debate. Fetterman’s VBM haul was in full swing before the abysmal debate that revealed the extent of his stroke. Likewise use time. On election night, why must any rural county report their results prior to the vote banks of the urban districts? All this does is give them a target to manipulate the VBM entries. PA’s state website listed 230K outstanding ballots left, then 250K, then 270K. Arizona did the same. Votes have certification deadlines but it is not by 8pm on election night.

Forget the DeSantis vs. Trump pundit sideshow. It would not shock me to see both fight it out for the GOP insiders to put forth a clean shirt ticket of Pence/Haley. They can hold their chin up high as they lose with good manners. All the talk about Senate structural advantages for the right in the near future evaporate if this VBM problem is not addressed. Of course, there are obstacles as the left has a built in community organizer network, but you can’t win a game you refuse to play.

There is no single narrative to define these elections, but it is getting difficult for any American to ignore the vote by mail edge the Democrats have and the electoral shenanigans this enables. This is the latest iteration of the mass democracy con game the Democrats have played for decades from the urban mafia run machines to the newer urban machines (looking at you, Philly) to today’s VBM game. It just looks more brazen and is executed worse because human capital decline is real and the assumptions made to believe all these engaged voters exist when one looks at the left’s voter coalition.

Evolve or become a dead end. The demographic problem looms by the end of the decade anyway.

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  1. Eric says:

    Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay and commented:
    “The demographic problem looms by the end of the decade anyway.”


  2. miforest says:

    voting schmoting . it isn’t gonna make any difference. every second of time you spend on this is a waste. having a family and faith and getting the community in order Is the only thing worth your time now.


  3. Vxxc says:

    MIFOREST – then don’t waste your time here.


  4. Vxxc says:

    MIFOREST – then don’t waste your time here, or our time here.

    Meanwhile away from diapers and plaintive prayers to spare this house…

    The GOP actually has strong state organizations, this is doable.

    As for the Demographic Problem- if GOP can’t win over the Hispanics after the Dems classified them as Maricons, if the GOP can’t win over the Asians after Dems burnt out their urban stores , I can go on – then the GOP deserves nothing.

    In truth the GOP makes more money from fundraising with the dems in power than the GOP does when they are in power.


  5. Vxxc says:

    Trump endorsed 183 candidates.

    174 won.

    Here’s the list .

    GOP more 💩 than usual.

    Agree on Harvesting.


  6. GDR says:

    Doesn’t matter to me, I’m not voting every again for the rest of my life. At least, not with a ballot.


  7. Big T says:

    I don’t get it, am I supposed to be excited about the idea of republicans winning elections?


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