Winners, Losers and Links


Bitcoin maximalists – There is Bitcoin. Then there is everything else. This week’s events should drive this home.

Central Monetary Authorities – Oh no, an inner party scam smears all of crypto. What will they do? CBDCs and regulation steps into the mainstream focus.

California & NY Republicans – Despite being deep blue states, these zombie entities give the outer party some templates to review and copy if the broader party wants to compete.


Anyone tainted by FTX – They will take a loss, see jail or suffer reputation damage. With how connected SBF was to power leftists, he may see jail time and a quick shuffling off the stage to avoid a deeper dive into what exactly went on.

Crypto Enthusiasts – The digital money thing turned their fiat into 1s and 0s and then into $0.

Jewish Interests – Kanye, Kyrie, Chappelle’s monologue, FTX meltdown… not a good look. As Chappelle said, lot of coincidences.


Scott Locklin goes after the FTX scam and what Michael Lewis could do but won’t do when writing about it.

It’s a third world electorate. Prepare for Latin American cycles of leadership.

Lawfare comes for cashless bail.

Chappelle said it but Joel Stein bragged about it years ago.

Normie GOP calls for political protection, which the fringe right said 5 years ago.

The lockdown template goes back to 2014.

Inventing a crypto king.

The FTX dominoes have only begun to fall.

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  1. Nemo says:

    It seemed pretty obvious to me that the ebola thing was meant to be a lead up to, or a dry run of, essentially what was done in 2020 by the powers that be, except it was supposed to be executed in 2016 or 2017 under Hillary.


  2. threestars42 says:

    The NYT article cited in regards to lockdowns is so blatantly sarcastic I’m surprised they published it. Was the NYT initially against the lockdowns? I honestly don’t remember, but I’d be surprised if they were.


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