Winners, Losers and Links


SBF – He is getting a full rehab from the media. Did Jon Corzine go to jail? Nope. Was Corzine a huge Democrat bundler? Yep.

Congress – Biden & Putin get blamed for inflation by different camps but Congress skates on by without blame.

Protestors – If in Iran & China, they enjoy Western media approval.


Russo-Ukranian Soldiers – The meat-grinder continues.

Home-buyers – Rough market. Prices softening a little YoY but interest rates killing affordability now.


Bitcoin has a future despite crypto carnage.

An argument against liberal imperialism.

The idiocracy is not just about declining human capital but lack of proper management.

ESG might be in tactical retreat to wait out the pushback.

First farmers and inequality.

Avatar made money but had little to no long term effect.

The border crisis can lead to doom for the entire system.

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  1. GDR says:

    I’m sure that The Bitcoin Times has a nuanced take on crypto.

    Bitcoin is outdated as a medium for buying DDOS time and LSD. In that market Monero is king. They should find technological solutions to the remaining crypto issues rather than pushing retrocoins like Bitcoin. You’d think tech evangelists would care about the best tech; I guess running scams is more important.

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  2. Gnillik Yot says:

    It’s odd we haven’t gotten a Kanye article. Or even a mention in this list.

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  3. threestars says:

    The shameless editorializing in that Scientific American article is quite amazing. “Enjoy your extinction goy because racism is in your blood and multiple populations came to Europe thousands of years ago!”


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